What Makes a Good Mobile App? 5 Must-have Mobile App Features

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

Though the app store is flooded with millions of applications, all are not equally popular and successful.

Here’s what makes a great mobile app. Know the key features you need to consider during mobile app development


A winning mobile app can do wonders for your business. When you connect with your target audience on their mobile devices, you make their experience better and build trust and loyalty. If your app provides value, customers will keep coming back, which is great for your business. But just having an idea for an app isn't enough. You need a strong development process that includes the right features. Plus, a user-friendly design is crucial for keeping people interested. If you're serious about making your app idea a reality, check out this post for 5 important traits of successful mobile apps to think about.


5 Elements of a Great Mobile App

Unique and Appealing Design:

In the competitive world of mobile apps, designers play a crucial role in making their product stand out. The design is like the branding and packaging of the app—it needs to look fantastic. The appeal goes beyond appearance; it should evoke sophistication and creativity. Animations within the app should be seamless and enjoyable, enhancing the overall user experience. While a visually stunning design is important, it's crucial not to overcrowd the screen with intricate details, as this can detract from the user's experience. Striking a balance is key.


Great UI (User Interface):

First impressions matter, and when it comes to apps, users judge quickly. A killer User Interface (UI) is the secret to making a lasting impression. The keyword here is "intuitive." The UI should allow the app to perform its functions in a way that users love. Simplicity is crucial; essential functions should be carried out in the cleanest and most fluid way possible. Unobtrusive design elements are favored, and anything that doesn't add value is eliminated. Navigating the app should be simple from the first use, minimising the learning curve while incorporating all necessary features for success. 


Fast Loading Time and High Performance:

Ever used an app that felt like it took forever to load, crashed, or froze? Chances are, you didn't stick around. An app idea is only as good as its functionality. Users avoid apps that take too long to load, so winning apps aim for a loading time of less than five seconds. For complex apps like Facebook, a "loading" screen can keep users engaged during startup. Winning apps are not just fast; they're consistent and reliable. Apps that freeze regularly get overlooked. Prioritising a smooth user experience from the start ensures your app remains a user favorite.


Extremely Helpful Customer Support:

Not every user is tech-savvy, so consider your target audience when offering customer support. Winning apps provide prompt responses, addressing user questions within hours or even minutes. Every question is an opportunity for a sale or a recommendation. Recognising common queries, create an FAQ section or use Machine Learning to build a bot for user interactions. For personalised inquiries, outsourcing support activities can save time and enhance the overall customer experience. Exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of winning apps, ensuring users feel supported and valued throughout their app journey.


Platform Compatibility:

Your app should work seamlessly with the device it's designed for, making the most of its unique features. Whether it's iOS or Android, each platform has distinct navigation tools, like swipes and pinches. Developers must grasp these platform-specific gestures to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience.


In the crowded app market, standing out is key for success. Mobile usage is widespread, offering ample opportunities. To make your app thrive, it takes more than just marketing; it requires strategic planning. Engage a skilled team of app developers to incorporate key traits. This formula is your ticket to a standout mobile app that boosts your business.


Rob Stephen is one of the finest mobile app developers associated with an award-winning mobile app development company in Australia, GetAProgrammer. In this article, the author has outlined the must-have features of a winning application and what makes an app really great.

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