What Kind Of Cleaning is Required To Get a Stain Free Curtain?

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Curtains are a piece of furniture that can change the character of a room. They are essential both to give the final touch to the style of your home and to ensure your privacy while offering you a fresh and bright home. The sore point comes when it comes to washing them. It is a laborious operation especially due to their large size and also because there are often at least a couple of them in each room. And they are not always the same fabric and model.

In this article we try to come to your rescue with the advice of our Personal experts for cleaning curtains. Let's start immediately with a distinction: there are curtains and curtains. Depending on the function they perform and the room they are in. They should be wash more or less frequently.

How Often Should The Curtains Be Washed?

Kitchen curtains require a greater number of washes because they quickly become impregnated with the smells of cooking our food. On the contrary in the attic there will certainly be less transit of guests and the curtains will remain fragrant and clean longer. In short, the more you use a room, the more often its curtains need to be wash, but beyond this there are two simple rules to keep in mind before starting. The first thing to do read the labels of the curtains, if you bought them in the store and they are not particularly old, or handmade. The second thing to do make sure it's not raining, or bad weather is not expect to come.

They may seem like trivial checks but there is nothing more annoying than a storm that arrives just when you have to spread your curtains, or a wrong washing that damages them irreparably. Once these two initial checks have been So you can start! Here's how you can wash the curtains in your home.

Preliminary Operations

To wash your curtains, of course you have to take them apart. Before doing so, however, shake them a little and vacuum them quickly with the vacuum cleaner to remove the largest residues of dust, which would otherwise disperse throughout the room. Make sure the brushes are clean! If you notice that they need to be fix in this article we will explain how to do it. You can also use a dust-catching cloth and place it in front of the vacuum cleaner hose to make the operation more effective.

Once cleaning is complete, you can proceed by detaching the curtain from the tube that holds it. If it has hooks, collect them in a small bag to avoid losing them. To do this, it is often necessary to use a ladder as always, make sure that it is positioned correctly and that it is stable, resting on all four feet. Now is the time to carefully check if your curtain has any stains that you did not notice before. If you notice any halo that looks suspicious, keep reading the next paragraph. If everything is ok, skip it and go directly to the next one.

Clean The Stained Curtains

If your curtains have particular stains or marks, the problems begin. You can try to remove them with DIY methods. But you have to be very careful because you risk making the situation worse. If the curtain is not made of a delicate fabric, such as linen, you can apply Marseille soap, without rubbing it, after wetting the stain and rinse by curtain cleaning in Melbourne. If you don't see results, don't insist too much. However, our advice, in the case of particularly stubborn stains. It is to contact specialized cleaning, such as our curtain washing service, which includes collection, washing at a facility. If your curtains are not stained, wash them by hand. It is certainly the cheapest solution but it is also the one that requires the most space to be implemented.

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