What Kids Learn in Ski School

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When you search for "ski school near me," just about every resort in Colorado pops up. But what if you want your kids to learn how to ski or snowboard before you actually head out on I-70 for some fresh powder?

That's when a skiing school close to home makes more sense. Your kids can learn the fundamentals and get comfortable on the slopes, whether they want to ski or ride the mountain trails.

Indoor ski schools in Colorado like Shredder Ski + Snowboard teach kids from tots to teens how to safely navigate the slopes and have fun! It's a money-saving way to give them agreat experience and get them ready for best on-snow experience next season.

Our Ski School Instruction Philosophy

Every child learns at a different rate. That's why all Shredder Colorado ski schools use a progressive approach to guide students through the learning process. That means each week focuses on a new topic that builds on what was taught in previous weeks.

Our skiing school curriculum takes students through a series of stations that help them learn techniques and develop strength, agility, and athleticism. It's a win-win formula that helps kids learn how to safely enjoy their sport and have fun.

Principles of Our Ski School Code

The secret behind our Shredder program is our SHRED Code. These core principles serve as the best guide to turn your kids into lifelong lovers of mountain sports.

S - Stay in Control

H - Honor Other's Personal Space

R - Rest in a Safe Place

E - Explore Safe Terrain Only!

D - Demonstrate Safe Chairlift Practices

Here's how it works.

Stay in control. Just like with driving, certain rules of the road – or mountain run – make a big difference when it comes to safe shredding. Stop, go, yield, and look out for others are as important on a slope as they are on the road.

When your child learns the right way to slow down and stop, it's the first step to knowing how to have a safe day on the slopes. They can use those skills on the mountain to avoid obstacles, like people and trees!

Honor personal space. Your kids probably know what social distance means on flat terrain. But what about on a mountain slope?

Shredders have a responsibility to respect others and the environment. Skiers and snowboarders alike need to show courtesy to everyone on the slope, no matter what type of equipment they use.

Here's a good rule to shred by. Give others about 15 feet of space on all sides. When children are on the trail, give them more space and take a notch off the speed.

Rest in a safe place. Mountain runs can be like busy highways sometimes with everyone moving downhill with the flow of traffic. Just like on the road, skiers and riders need to pull over to the side of the run to stop. It's also important to find a place where others can easily see you from all directions.

Explore safe terrain. Accidents happen when skiers and riders don't pay attention to posted signs and warnings. That means staying off closed trails and out of boundary areas.

Most ski areas use trail signs with specific shapes, colors and drawings to indicate what they mean. It's an easy way for nonreaders to understand the signs and why they are important.

Demonstrate safe chairlift practices. Every run down a trail starts with a lift ride up the slope. That's why it's important to know how to safely load, ride and unload from a chairlift. At a ski school like Shredder Ski, your child can learn where to wait in line for the next ride, how to sit properly on the seat, and what to do to get off the chair safely at the top of the lift.

Teaching tools we use help tots, teens and everyone in between learn how to turn, reach and grab as they get onto a chair. Other easy-to-remember rules include pull down the safety bar, hold on all the way, sit still and slide straight off the lift.

Safety, Fun and Learning at Ski School

At Shredder ski schools in Colorado, we make safety our number one priority. That's why we follow guidelines and standards set by the top education organizations in the business, including Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors, Colorado Ski Country USA and the National Ski Areas Association.

Our Shredder instructors are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding in a safe and fun indoor learning environment. We want to help your child become a confident skier or rider and grow into a lifetime lover of snow sports.

Shredder Slopes are Open Year-Round

You can get your child ready for ski season with indoor ski lessons at Shredder Ski. It's a safe, fun way to learn how to ski or ride responsibly.


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