What is UX Design and How UX Design Helps Transform Business Growth To Next Level?

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You might have come across the term “UX” whenever you discussed web development. So have you ever given it a thought? What is UX design? Well, no need to be in turmoil as this term and the concept is very easy to grasp whether you’re from a technical or non-technical background. UX stands for a user experience that clearly means it helps to attract your target towards your website. This actually helps to address the issues of customers and give them an intangible feel when they visit your website that, “Yes, this is what I was looking for!”

Being an entrepreneur, don’t ever overlook the UX design and development facet as it you’ll end up with poor customer engagement. Only your website design decides whether the customer will visit again or not. However, in this high-tech world, UX has become a popular factor ever than before as owners are now realizing its actual worth. UX can make or break your business website, so it is important to go the extra mile to achieve efficiency in UX design.  Your UX should virtually meet the expectations of your customers, leading towards more conversion. Companies like Backen and Baeck, Grow Interactive, Harry’s, etc., are a few names that nail the UX designing part in every aspect.

How does the best UX design help to drive business growth?

Best UX design agencies often report that businesses often want to replicate other business’s website or make it fancier. This has become a major issue today as owners don’t understand the fact that every business has its own features and categories to list down. And this will distinguish you from other, innovation and creativity is a must. So let’s dive into the factors that will help you to know how UX designs help to drive business growth:

1. Spending on UX Straight Can Drastically Reduce Costs down the Line:

Whenever you embark upon a new business venture, a certain amount of risk always evolves. But as you focus on research, testing and analysis, you’re actually mitigating risk around UX design. Therefore, whether you’re handling the UX part in-house or you have hired a UX Design Company, it is essential to look into these factors. It is better to make the changes at the outset rather than waiting for a website to publish. According to experts, there are always usability issues in web development as owners overlook the research, analysis and testing part initially. So keep the following factors in mind to achieve efficiency in UX design:

• Prototype- To simply put across, a prototype is the mockup version of your final product, which is reviewed before the website is out for testing. It helps to fix the issues internally before things go out of your control once it is published. In prototype avoid using creepy features and add your web content in the right way.
• Testing- Once you’re done with the prototype, send your product for testing to check the usability. But we recommend avoiding testing your product by the internal team as they know what features to add and what not, so getting genuine reviews from them is not possible. Choose a small segment of the audience and ask them to use your website, jot down the responses and then make the changes accordingly.

2. Boosts Conversion Rates:

Imagine, you want to purchase some goods and you’re browsing over a plethora of websites. Suddenly, you come across two three websites that serve your needs, but you choose one of them. Why? Apparently, while using you find it easier comparatively and enjoy the overall experience. Same is the case with your website or mobile app, if your design looks creepy and is uneasy to use, many users will simply click off the site. This is where UX design comes into play! When you, yourself, don’t feel like ordering goods at some websites, how your customers will prefer your website if it lacks in interface design? Therefore, a better UX design will not attract visitors, but it will also boost your conversions.

3. UX Design helps SEO Team:

A website is of no use if it has not been optimized on search engines. That’s the reason you might have a team of SEO experts. But to rank your website on SERPs, it is important to have a seamless UX design of the website. Even Google offers amazing UX design to serve its users with better content and the right information that addresses’ their problem in an appropriate way. Not only SEO but for running PPX campaigns as well, Google actually crawls over your “landing page experience” and then rank your business accordingly. So the user experience is an imperative factor in Google’s algorithms that will impact your SEO team’s efforts and ultimately your website ranking.

4. UX Design Increases Word of Mouth Marketing:

This might sound conventional, but yes, word of mouth marketing stills exist even in this digital world. But in the online industry, people buy experiences and if you serve them with seamless user experience why won’t they shout loudly about the same. UX designers are well-aware to drive the audience with amazing UX designs and enhance social sharing over different platforms. They recommend to many other people and also giving ratings, reviews, etc, to your company, which boost brand awareness as well across the market consistently. So UX design is the core even for marketing.


Besides increasing your business growth, you’re also making the lives of the users quite easier. By providing amazing user experience and enforcing your customers to complete the purchasing task through your website or app is simply making their lives easier. However, the above-mentioned factors about UX design majorly contribute to business growth.

Thus, if you’re looking for a UX development company in the USA, then look no further than AppClues Infotech! We are leaders in offering incredible app solutions that are reliable, quick, and efficient serving different business needs worldwide. For more details send us your query at (

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