What Is Used To Determine Your Car Insurance Quotes

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There are numerous factors that go into what you pay for auto insurance. When you check around for quotes you will be asked many questions the answers for which will greatly impact how much you pay. The following are some of the factors that greatly affect your auto insurance premiums.

Where you live

Where you live really affects your auto insurance premiums. It's not just the state you are living in but your specific zip code. Some zip codes experience a lot of accidents and claims which means the people living there will pay more. In general, the more urban of an area you live in the more you can expect your auto insurance to cost. Learn about the impact that location has on your auto insurance quotes.

Your Credit Rating

About a decade ago the insurance companies started to use people's credit history to partially determine the rates they would pay for auto insurance. Insurance companies state that people with worse credit histories have more claims than those with better credit. Just like you have a credit score you also have an insurance score. People with bad insurance scores can pay as much as 50% more than people with good insurance scores all other things being equal.

Your Gender

Whether you're male or female has a pretty big impact on the quotes you will receive. This is especially true for young people under the age of 25. Statistics show that male drivers have more accidents than female drivers. Males, especially young ones, tend to take a lot more risks than women do. Learn about why most often than not, men pay more than women for car insurance.

What Kind of Car You Have

Expensive cars cost more to insurance than cheaper ones on average. The reason is that the parts are more expensive to replace when the car is damaged. Some cars models are stolen more frequently than other types of cars which also impacts the premium you will be paying.

The effect of what type of car you have is on how much comprehensive and collision will cost. Additionally, sports cars cost more than regular cars to insure because they're designed to go really fast which is too often tempting for the person operating it.

Find out how the car you drive can affect your car insurance premium.

Your Driving Record

Insurance companies look at the past three years of your driving history in order to determine what premium they will offer you. They will run your drive record through the state in order to see if you have at-fault accidents and citations on your record.

They also check a database of insurance claims so they can see if any other insurance company has paid on an accident you had that wasn't reported to the state. The insurance company will go by what the other insurance company says in regards to whether it is considered at fault or not.

Find out how your driving history impacts your insurance quotes.

If You Currently Have Insurance Or Not

If you have continuous insurance you will pay lower rates than somebody that doesn't have auto insurance when they are checking around for quotes. Insurance companies want to see that you're responsible and not driving around without insurance on your car. They reward responsible people by offering better quotes.

How You Use The Vehicle

Insurance companies charge more for people that commute to their jobs because they are a bigger liability exposure than someone that leaves their car in the garage five days a week.

If you use your car for business purposes you will pay more than if your car is only for personal use. Those who use their car for business tend to drive a lot more than personal use vehicles. This guide goes into detail on this.

If you want to check multiple insurance companies at once for a quote on your auto insurance this car insurance quote website is a good place to start. They get rates through multiple companies which saves you a lot of legwork and time.

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