What is Therapeutic Massage in American Fork?

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Therapeutic Massage in American Fork began thousands of years ago, and appeared for the first time in writings from ancient China, Japan, India, and Western countries, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Hippocrates defined medicine as the "art of rubbing," and widespread massage therapy was used in Europe during the Renaissance.


In 1850, two American doctors, who studied in Sweden, introduced massage therapy in the United States, where it became popular and promoted as a diverse method for health purposes. With the advancement of science and technology in medical care during the 1930s and 1940s, massage therapy went out of fashion in the United States, and revived in the 1970s, especially among athletes.

Generally, it involves rubbing and operating the muscles and other soft tissues in the body. The therapist uses his hands and fingers, or he uses his fists, elbows and feet as different methods of massage. 


In addition to massage therapy, and to produce satisfactory long-term results, massage therapy can be combined with chiropractic, hydrotherapy and physical therapy.


Therapeutic Massage in American Fork can also Lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of disease-free medication! Natural and healthy treatment for hypertension and the associated symptoms of the disease. Did you know that Hypertension is considered a risk factor for various diseases and mortality ? Therapeutic Massage in American Fork helps cure it every day !


With Therapeutic Massage you can treat the disease and its associated symptoms in a natural way - without medication and without side effects! The treatment is done by a qualified therapist who has experience in hypertension treatment. Therapeutic Massage in American Fork is performed in deep rotational and long movements. Sports massage is the same as Swedish massage, and is tailored to the needs of athletes.  Painful and tight muscles respond to stress through release. Deep tissue massage and pain points massage, focuses on healing and releasing the painful areas of the body.

Our massage therapists in work in a wide variety of settings, including in private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, private homes and fitness centers. The purpose of treatment is to provide a calm and relaxing environment.


Usually, the therapist asks the patient about the symptoms, medical history, and the desired results from the massage therapy. It performs a touch assessment to detect painful or strained areas and determines the level of pressure it must apply.

The patient lies on a treatment table, dressed in loose clothing or is naked and covered in a sheet, except for the massage area. The therapist uses oil or cream to reduce the friction on the skin. The course of treatment may be quite short but may take an hour or more.


Massage flu on the body and mind

Studies support a general conclusion that Therapeutic Massage in American Fork is effective in curing or alleviating various medical and mental conditions.  Treatment reduces anxiety, blood pressure, and accelerated heart rate. Regular treatment reduces the general tendency for anxiety, depression and pain. It is also beneficial for certain medical conditions, such as: Chronic Lower Back Pain - Massage therapy, which also incorporates Chinese acupuncture, gymnastics, advanced relaxation and yoga, is beneficial for patients with chronic lower back pain who have not responded to conventional therapy. Cancer - Massage relieves disease pain and improves mood in cancer patients.


Chronic neck pain - Massage therapy is extremely beneficial in terms of improving neck function, and relieving pain symptoms. Therapeutic Massage in American Fork provides stimulation that helps block pain signals sent to the brain.  It triggers the release of certain chemicals in the body, such as serotonin or endorphins, and causes beneficial mechanical changes in the body.

The physician should be consulted on all complementary and alternative treatment methods to ensure the safety of the treatment and its conformity with the conventional treatment available to the patient.

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