What is the relationship between Protein and Immunity?

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The relationship between Protein and Immunity as one of the significant topics you will come across in the course of Infection and Immunity. 

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What is Protein?

Protein is the substance which is present in all the living organisms. They are of vast nutritional value which helps in carrying out the process of life. The protein differs in muscles, liver and brain. The molecule of protein is large in contrast to salt or sugar. They are made of amino acids which are joined together to make a chain. The amino acids have twenty different types.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is something that saves us from susceptible disease or infection. Without the proper immune system, our body will become helpless in front of any outside disease. It is laid in the body and consists of organs, protein, cells and tissues. There are two types of immunity-

  1. Innate immunity 

  2. Acquired immunity

The relation between Protein and Immunity -

Protein is the common way through which one can control weight loss, but one of the integral roles of protein is to build the immune system. One has to take a balanced diet, and it is incomplete without Protein intake.

Protein helps in supporting the cells given below-

  1. Phagocytes- The protein phagocytes help in fighting the bacteria and makes us healthy and free of germs.

  2. Cytokines-Cytokines act as the messengers in the immune system. They help in turning and keeping off the immune cells. The proper function is looked after by the Cytokines. 

  3. Lymphocytes-These are known as the white blood cells that are necessary to fight the germs. Lymphocytes are rich with protein, and hence the protein intake can increase the immune system.

Some of the sources of Protein are-

Taking the proper amount of protein is very necessary for our body, and it can help in the proper functions of the body. You have to take proper nutrition intake. Here are some sources of protein-

  1. Soy and Soy products

  2. Lentils and pulses

  3. Chicken

  4. Eggs 

  5. Seeds and Nuts

  6. Dairy products

  7. Beans 

  8. Quinoa

  9. Avocado

  10. Broccoli

  11. Fish 

  12. Shrimp

  13. Oats

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