Intel Core i9 vs. i7 vs. i5: Which CPU Should You Buy?

by Mathew Hayden Experienced Content Writer

Intel's Core i9 is the company's most powerful consumer CPU to date. These CPUs, with as many as 16 processor cores, are designed for gamers and power users. What, though, is Core i9? Is it a better option than Intel's Core i7 and Core i5 processors?

Intel's Core i9 is the company's fastest processor, beating out the Core i7 and the Core i5 in a straight performance comparison. On the other hand, speed isn't everything, and most people can get by just fine without that extra oomph. When shopping for an Intel central processing unit, how do you know which one to buy?

Intel Core i5 vs. i7 vs. i9

To give the Core i9 series that extra punch, Intel simply added more processing cores. Each "core" (which is not the same thing as a chip) is a processor that contributes to the overall performance. Hence, the existence of dual-core and even quad-core CPUs.

Intel's newest Core i9 chip, the Core i9-12900K, will set you back $589 at retail. This flagship desktop processor has 16 cores: eight Performance Cores (P-Cores) for running computationally intensive applications, and eight Efficiency Cores (E-Cores) for handling background and light tasks.

Games and other resource-intensive programs benefit most from the P-Cores because they use only one or a small number of threads. E-Cores, on the other hand, are optimized for use with apps that operate in the background, like cloud storage and media streaming apps.

What Intel Processor Should You Buy?

The newest Intel processors, the 12th generation, are currently only available in desktop computers. There is currently no set release date for laptops equipped with Intel's newest processor offering, so you'll have to hold off on making your purchase.

A new motherboard will be required if you want to upgrade the processor in your desktop computer to the most recent model from Intel. For starters, the LGA 1700 socket and Z690 chipset are required for these 12th-generation processors.

Due to their significantly increased height and other design changes, the newest Intel processors cannot be used in older motherboards.

Which Intel Core processor to buy depends on your needs, but here are some suggestions and recommendations. When shopping for a new computer, it's important to think about more than just the machine itself.

The Best Intel CPU for Office Workers

"I'm looking for a basic laptop that won't break the bank."

Internet use, electronic communication, social networking, Microsoft Office, and the occasional movie viewing are all examples of activities that fall into this category.

It's tempting to upgrade to the newest Intel processor, but if you only use a handful of programmes for work, you may not need all their processing power.

The Intel Core i3-1125G4 from the previous generation should be more than adequate for your purposes. It's an inexpensive processor that saves power to extend the life of your battery. This eleventh-generation processor has four cores that can all run at up to 3.70GHz Turbo Frequency. There's also support for up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM and integrated Intel UHD Graphics.

Many low-priced laptop computers, some of which start at under $500, use this processor. With i3, you will have no problem watching netflix with Spatial audio and amazon prime videos.

The Best Intel CPU for Students

In order to get everything done, "I want to do a whole lot of things at once."

Movies, music, the web, Microsoft Office, light gaming, and, in some cases, specialised software are all things that students use computers for on a regular basis.

The Intel Core i5-12600K is an outstanding general-purpose processor for students. It provides sufficient processing power to handle any task, and because it's brand new, it has the potential to serve you well for more than five years, allowing you to use it throughout your entire academic career.

If you need to run specialised software like Adobe Premiere Pro, these processors have your back with their six Performance Cores. You can confidently play games while your video is exporting because its four E-Cores will take care of all background tasks.

A ten-core processor will give you all the power you need without significantly raising your utility bills. This chip is more efficient because its minimum power draw is just 125W and its maximum is just 150W. If you are using an Intel i5, you will have the freedom of using the best VMware alternatives.

The Best Intel CPU for Gamers

I want to be able to play the newest games without any lag.

Video gaming, live streaming, and multitasking are widespread.

In order to use the newest Intel processors in your gaming rig, you will need to upgrade your motherboard. That's because Intel's newest product isn't compatible with the older 10th-gen and 11th-gen motherboards.

If you have the money, though, the replacement is worth it. The Intel i7-12700K, with its eight performance cores and four efficiency cores, is a powerful processor that can handle even the most intensive programs.

With a maximum turbo output of 190W, it strikes an ideal balance between initial investment, running costs, and overall speed and performance. Also, it's future-proof because it works with DDR5, a faster memory standard.

The Best Intel CPU for Professionals

I need a monster that can take care of my heavy workload.

Coding, Video Editing, and 3D Modeling are All the Same Thing

A professional gamer, graphic designer, or architect deserves the best equipment money can buy. Therefore, the Intel Core i9-12900K is your only choice if you need a workhorse that can handle any task.

The chip's massive architecture includes both eight performance cores and eight efficiency cores. Maximum power consumption is only 241 watts, but it packs quite a punch.

The 12900K and its sibling, the KF (a 12900K processor without an integrated GPU), consistently rank first in a number of user benchmarks, demonstrating that they are currently the best available. The 12900K is the pinnacle of desktop Windows computing performance, so there's really nothing else to consider.

Which One Should You Buy?

The temptation to always go for the most powerful and speediest processor is understandable if you're a computer nerd. However, that is not a workable choice unless your financial resources are virtually limitless. True, every year brings new and improved offerings from companies like AMD, Intel, and even Apple.

You shouldn't always go for the most expensive option; instead, think about what works best with your current routine. However, the i9-12900K is the best option if you regularly engage in intensive computational tasks like those required by professional-level video editing or competitive PC gaming.

In contrast, an Intel Core i5-12600K (or even an Intel Core i3) may be more cost-effective if all you do is use word processors, respond to emails, and spend hours in front of Zoom.

In addition, you can use the money you save to upgrade your computer with things like a new webcam and microphone. You could get a new computer monitor with the nearly $300 price difference between the i9 and the i5.

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