What is the major cause of pollution in Hawaii?

by monika r. Consultant
Hawaii, the land of beautiful natural landscapes and islands is found to be famous for its tourist spots and oceanic land. However, the sad reality that follows this word is that it has been affected by some serious issues such as pollution. Pollution is a weather condition that destroys nature and its mesmerizing views by spreading contaminated atmosphere all around. It is caused due to several reasons including trash throwing and petrol/diesel fumes. Although the ozone layer is supposed to protect the earth from every kind of pollution, it seems that the problem itself is the cause of other major environmental troubles.

Having said this, the biggest cause of pollution in Hawaii in the recent times is known to be the famous helicopter crash in 2011 which generated so many problems that have still remain unsettled. The helicopter crash was due to the lack of maintenance but the extremely dangerous effect that it had caused an increased pollution in Hawaii.

The 2011 helicopter crash

In 2011, rising flames and thunder sounds were observed by the residents of Molokai which they thought to be of some weather condition. However, in reality, it was a helicopter that had crashed which had 5 tourists apart from the pilot. 4 deaths were reported due to the crash. The severe side effects of this crash were the increased pollution in Hawaii which was caused due to the heavy debris that the helicopter threw after bumping into the land. Moreover, the crash was supposed to be one of the biggest trauma for the country because Hawaii islands are famous for its helicopter tours for the tourist’s entertainment.
How did it affect the atmosphere?

Hawaii was already a polluted land before the helicopter crash. The oceans were full of plastic and trash due to which the ocean and its animals were deeply affected. In 2011, when the helicopter crashed, its high intensity of the fuel and the number of solid pieces were widely spread. For this reason, the land suffered a lot, creating extreme pollution in Hawaii. The man-made pollution was more than enough to poison the air but this crash is what made it into a never-ending polluted environment. 
From then to this day, the pollution in Hawaii is increasing day by day with no improvement measures being taken by the concerned authorities.

Ways to get rid of the pollution in Hawaii

Here are some of the methods through which the local and international residents can help in getting rid of the pollution in Hawaii:

1. By sharing the problem worldwide to create a positive awareness.
2. By providing effective ideas to make the land more pollution-resistant through industries.
3. Educating the masses about the possible methods of preventing the pollution, especially the ocean.
4. Installing useful ecosystems to protect the land from further getting polluted.
5. By taking care of the trash and not throwing it into the ocean to save it from getting totally destroyed. 

The major cause of pollution in Hawaii cannot still be identified. However, apparently, the helicopter crash made the conditions worst and affected the atmosphere like no other source. Therefore, it is important to remain aware of the effective ways to save the land from making the environment unsafe and toxic for breathing.

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