What is the importance of quality poultry feed?

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Feeding is an important part of poultry farming. It makes up a major part of cost for production, and the results are reflected on the bird’s health and egg production. There are various poultry feeds to fulfill the requirement for different breeds; some prefer organic diet for the poultry while others like to mix their ration for feeding. What they do not understand is the importance of nutritional diet for poultry. 

Feeding Options

The most convenient poultry feed is a balanced palleted ration. It doesn’t matter whether the birds remain indoors or outdoors for a part of the time. Most of the nutritional diets for birds are mixed with corn for energy, soya meals for protein, and a combination of vitamin and mineral supplements. However, a commercial feed contains a balance of each components to help the birds grow faster. It often contains antibiotics and arsenicals to promote health and improve growth, sometime mold inhibitors, and coccidiostats for combating coccidiosis. Non-medicated feed mentioned in the label is also preferred by some.

Intensive poultry production

Most poultry farmers look for low-cost, high-quality feed for intensive poultry production. A quality feed is the most important input for high-scale poultry production and expansion. Good health in a poultry requires steady supply of essential amino acids, protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and water. The recent advancement in the feed for poultry focuses on three major areas.

  • Determining the availability of the nutrients the bird’s feed
  • Developing an understanding of nutrient requirement and metabolism
  • Formulating a less-expensive diet with a high-nutrition supply

Another practical diet for poultry is prepared from a mixture of ingredients like cereal by-products, cereal grains, plant protein sources, fats, mineral supplements, vitamins, feed additives, and crystal amino acids. There is an urgent need to make use of the wide range of alternative feed as the poultry feed production is expected to decrease the use of human-edibility due to the inclusion of human inedible components like food waste, insect meals, agro-industrial by-products, and more. 

The diet and feeding of chickens are a vital aspect of the production of healthy poultry. For mixing your own diet, a well-balanced diet plan needs to be formulated, it not only helps in a healthy breeding but a better egg production. When chickens arein the outdoors, they can get some of their nutrition from larvae, worms, and plants, which save money. It is important to maintain quality poultry feed for extensive production, a proper nutritional feed will help the chicken gain weight and grow faster. Knowledge on poultry feed will lead to a healthier production in increased production of eggs and better business for the poultry farmer.

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