What is the best treatment for Proteinuria in the Ayurveda?

by Rahul Kumar Health and Medical

A healthy immune system is the only difference you can find in people who could survive Proteinuria, and the ones who were unable to make up for it had a weak immune system. 

Many people across the world are still working to fight their kidney ailments. The blog's topic is to describe the role of immunity in the treatment and prevention of Proteinuria and kidney failure. A considerable number of kidney disease-related deaths have been linked to a person's immunity against the ailment.

So how exactly does your immunity helps when you get Proteinuria, and who is at the risk of it? Along with that, what is the best treatment for Proteinuria? Let's discuss all that in one go.

When your body gets the signs that a disease is developing inside you, or you are getting infected by the virus, your immune system gets triggered to be responsive against the disease. In the case of Proteinuria, your kidneys are the first triggered by the infection, then your immune system.

Kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood and eliminating waste from your body. When kidneys become weak, protein leaks out through your urine in excess. Apart from kidneys vulnerability, diabetes, hypertension, urinary tract infection, disturb the digestive system, flu, and feeble immune system are the other causes of Proteinuria. 

When a virus enters your body, the immune system releases proteins called interferons. That protein disrupts the virus's ability to multiply in the host.

Interferons are vital for treating any virus as they work with the immune cells to make the virus feeble from multiplying, growing, and spreading.

It is the way your immune system response when it first encounters the signs of disease. The changes your body feels are perceived as signs for your immune system to look for the disease. A fever in any condition is a way of your body fighting an infection or Proteinuria.

Ayurveda Kidney Specialist for Proteinuria Treatment

The signs a person experience in his body is to show the part where the disease first grew. The problem of Proteinuria develops in your body in the following conditions.

1.     Diabetes

2.     High blood pressure

3.     Excess intake of protein

4.     High intake of creatine supplements

5.     Stress

6.     Depression

7.     Kidney infection

8.     Urinary tract infection

9.     Weak digestion 

The responsibility of the immune system in the case of Proteinuria or any other disease is to prevent it from spreading and generate a healing environment for the affected organ and the others. This adaptive response by the immune system causes enough immunity for you to fight off the disease without developing an infection.

While it is one of the best treatments for Proteinuria via your immune system, however, in some people, the disease develops and grows too quickly that your immune system does not get time to find a way to deal with it. This condition mostly occurs when a person has not begun treating his disease for a long time. It is normal to find kidney patients as they know about their disease in the 2nd or last stage. Kidney diseases are silent killers, and their signs in the starting stages will not trigger you. That is the reason the number of dead kidney patients is increasing every day.

An autoimmune disease or being elderly are the other cases that make your immune system feeble from responding his best to treat Proteinuria.

If the disease deposits itself to the other organs and kidneys, it may cause many health ailments. The problems caused by Proteinuria are primarily curable, but some of the immune systems still do not work as a safeguard for the body.

Because Proteinuria is a condition of kidneys, your immune system alone cannot change your health. Every treatment for Proteinuria will turn out best when it goes in two different directions.

1.     Control the deterioration of the disease and work to heal the affected organ.

2.     Boost immunity to protect kidneys along with other organs of the illness. 

For a strong immune system and to beat any disease, you need to know what kind of things will help you in this. Many kidney patients got rid of their illness with Karma Ayurveda's Ayurvedic treatment. Karma Ayurveda is a famous kidney care treatment center in Delhi, which was started in 1937. This center is run by Dr. Puneet, a kidney specialist who cured more than one lakh fifty thousand kidney patients.

If you are a patient of Proteinuria and looking for the best treatment for Proteinuria, then try Karma Ayurveda. Their Ayurvedic medicines are beneficial to fight the illness and its overreaction. The other thing the treatment is done on your part is to boost your immunity for the best.

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