What Is Sewer Scope Inspection? Learn From The Experts

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There’s no doubt that any damage to your home sewer lines can prove to be devastating. It’ll not only cause structural problems to the home but also health issues. The good news is that - homebuyers and homeowners can take proactive steps by undertaking a sewer scope inspection. 

In a sewer scope inspection, a certified & trained inspector will be able to inspect a house’s sewer line using various kinds of specialised camera equipment, so that any potential issues can be identified. To help you know more about sewer scope inspections, we have formulated this guide that will let you know everything about the same. 

What Is Sewer Scope Inspections And Why You Might Need It?

According to a professional home inspector in Glynn, a sewer scope inspection is a process through which a video camera connected to a snake-like camera, is utilised to examine the house's sewer line. The sewer line from a house leads to the main sewer line. 

Using sewer scope inspections, any damage to the sewer pipes can be detected. Moreover, sewer pipe blockages and other issues can also be located. Thus, any potential minor issue before it turns into something extraordinary can be detected and treated beforehand. 

After the sewer scope inspection has been completed, the homeowner or home buyer will receive a thorough report of the findings along with necessary recommendations for enhancements/ repairs/replacements. As a result, expensive repairs or health issues can be avoided. 

The Health Risks

When the sewer lines of a house are blocked or damaged, the sewage water can easily go back up into the home. Sewage water is considered to be a biological hazard because it can cause lung, intestine and other internal human body infections. If such sewage water backups go unnoticed for a long period, the residents of the home can get exposed to further health risks. 

Some popular health risks are as follows:

  • Bacteria causing fever, diarrhoea, headaches, cramps, vomiting and the like. 

  • Fungi causing various allergic and respiratory symptoms.

  • Parasites causing stomach cramps, diarrhoea, fever and nausea. 

  • Sewage water also spreads viruses such as Hepatitis A, causing damage to the liver.

  • Release of harmful gases such as chlorine, methane, carbon dioxide and the like. 

  • Formation of mould spores inside the house.

The Home Structural Risks

Any damaged or blocked sewage lines can directly lead to massive structural problems inside a house. The flooring and basement of the house will be a major risk, resulting in costly damages, if such sewage problem is not detected beforehand. 

Some significant issues that can take place are as follows:

  • Flooding inside the home

  • Growth of mould

  • Flooding inside your property’s yard

  • Problems with the home’s foundation

Thus, if you want to avoid dealing with such problems, then a proper sewer scope inspection is indeed necessary. 

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