What Is Programmatic Seo? How To Increase Organic Traffic In 2022

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Programmatic SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of mass-producing pages of content using a database, aiming for ranking high in Google's search results for similarly-structured, long-tail keywords. SEO and Programmatic SEO are mostly similar. We could say that Programmatic SEO is an SEO Update. Programmatic SEO is opted for by most digital marketers because through this the brands can capitalize on low volume as well as high volume search queries.    
Programmatic SEO helps create brand awareness and it brings businesses organic traffic which directly helps them in raising their business. Thousands of queries are searched every day on google and we use programmatic SEO to answer such queries in an engaging and informational way. And the most important thing is that it's all automatic and data-driven. 
Ways To Increase Organic Traffic 
Today every business has a website but the main point here is does it rank or is there any flow of organic traffic on that website. Here we come to help you, our company Webpulse excel at programmatic SEO and our SEO Agency uses various techniques for the website to rank in top results. Given are some ways that are beneficial for ranking a website :
    The reason this point is written in the first place is that this is one of the most important factors. Using suitable keywords chosen according to your targeted audience can bring a lot of organic traffic to your website. Provided below is how our team looks for relevant keywords: 
Look for Head terms: Head terms are broad categories of high-volume keywords through which a business decides to rank on search engines. Google Trend and many other tools are used by our SEO Agency to get the most trending keyword and they use it in a logical way that may surely help you bring organic traffic to your business.
For eg- you search for a head term like “gadget” then the results will show you gadget’s on e-commerce websites.
Specifying modifiers: What is a modifier? These are terms combined with head terms. For example - “gadgets for men”. The word men used here is a modifier.
Modifiers are further categorized into the following :
(i) Primary Modifier - create a new keyword category
(ii)Secondary Modifier - describes a head term
Local Modifiers - If you have a business that deals within your location then this modifier is beneficial for you. For example, if you have a juice shop and locals residing there are your target audience then the team will use local modifiers for your business so that your business appears when a local searches for “juice shop near me”.
d. Compiling your keyword -Using numerous keywords is a must if you want your site to rank on google. A minimum of 2000 keywords is used at a beginner level. If more than 1lac keyword is used then the use of python language can be advantageous for creating an organized list. And also compile the keyword in a spreadsheet.
Now you have been using keywords at a high scale but you need to keep an eye on your competitors. Using thousands of keywords is not sufficient until and unless it's all relevant and better than your competitors. 
Do’s are :
Observe the top result on google for your chosen keyword
By using a proper tool, find out the number of keywords your competitors rank
Check out backlinks and title tags on your competitor's website. Use tools like SEMrush or Ahref
    (iii) Landing Page at Large scale: 
The next step in this Programmatic SEO Strategy is creating large-scale landing pages. Programmatic SEO can be used to create thousands of pages at no time. But the important point to remember is that some people believe that if there are 5000 keywords then they have to create individual pages for every single keyword. No that's not how this works. 
The aim is to discover your target audience’s precise keyword search intent and build content around it. Go for the related searches area at the bottom of the search page. That will provide you with a large number of appropriate intent-based keywords from which to build relevant landing pages at scale.
(iv) Doorway Pages:
 These are websites or pages that have been designed with a mindset to score high for certain search keywords. These sites serve as a doorway to the same beneficial material that a user looks for. Such link-building isn’t considered helpful, and search engines like Google find it unpleasing. A gateway page is a website that, rather than answering a search query, provides a list of additional resources where visitors may find answers.
Fixing Programmatic SEO Difficulties  
Challenges that come in the way of applying Programmatic SEO are :

Crawlability:  Google bots find and crawl thousands of sites created by SEO Experts using the programmatic SEO approach,  To do that, categorisation, creating and submitting XML sitemaps, and establishing robust internal linking patterns are vital. 

Duplicacy in content: Duplicacy of content is appearing of the same content several times on the website. This can affect your google ranking severely. One can overcome this problem by using canonical URLs and altering title tags. Solving structural flaws and, eventually, eliminating material or modifying any redirects are some of the other options.

Thin Content: Having spare text on your programmatic landing pages could make your content look thin according to google leading to poor performance in SERPs. 
Advantages of Programmatic SEO 

Content Scalability: Making content manually for thousands of web pages can be time taking and expensive as well for businesses that have huge searches. By using automation, businesses can speed up their content production at a high pace. Each landing page is altered to specific user needs which may increase its engagement at a fast pace.
Escalate the reach:  Our SEO Company created thousands of pages that may help to cover most searched keywords and searches due to which the site discovered the increase in the number of clicks and made it rank high. 
Quick results: The speed at which the programmatic results can be scaled is high and businesses experienced quicker results in their SERPs and they get more traffic in comparison to previous results.
 Increases Backlinks: When reaching large-scale SEO through a programmatic strategy, you get to improve your backlinks dramatically. This is done by matching long-tail keywords with tailor-made content.
 Characteristics of Programmatic Content
(i)  Use of  long-tail keywords
Rather than lessening the scope of SEO by concentrating on high-volume keywords, programmatic content typically revolves around low search volume long-tail keywords. Thousands of pages of programmatic content are created, and the total search goes up making our page rank at the top using long-tail keywords.
(ii)  Enables to Compete 
Using this long-tail keyword approach, programmatic SEO confronts minor competition. If the content is made by using a programmatic approach then it can easily leave their competitors back in the race and for sure their page is going to rank higher than all others.
(iii) Good user experience over authoritative content
It is too obvious that with so much bulk content being produced, it is not possible to go for authoritative content quality. Instead, programmatic content provides a memorable experience that may help in lead conversion.

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