What is MOT, and why is it needed?

by Metthew Short Auto Save MOT Centre

MOT is an annual check-up mandated by law to check whether your car meets the minimum safety requirements set by DVSA. An MOT stands for the ministry of transport test. An MOT test inspects the internal and external parts of your vehicle, to make sure of their functioning. A brand new car comes with three years of the MOT certificate. After three years, one has to take the MOT test every year. It is not a time-consuming test. It takes at least an hour to inspect your vehicle thoroughly.

Many people confuse MOT with a car service. A car service or a car maintenance service is for the repair work of the damaged parts of the vehicle. Unlike MOT, car service is not mandated by the law but is necessary as it improves the performance of your vehicle. It ensures that there is no problem with any part of the vehicle. A car is a complex machine. It requires a thorough and regular checkup. MOT also include a deep analysis of your vehicle. Passing an MOT Luton does not mean your car does not need a service. MOT is a minimal check as set by DVSA. A car needs a proper maintenance service every 3-5 months.

Why do I need an MOT, and what does it cover?

The whole idea is to make sure the roads are safe. MOT makes sure that your basic components are working properly. Hence, not harming you or the pedestrians. Driving with an invalid MOT certificate can cost you heavily. So make sure you get your car is MOT ready and get your certificate. It is better to be prepared before any exam. DVSA has a sort of checklist to make sure no item is left unaudited.

Wheels: Wheels are an important component of a vehicle. They carry the entire load of the vehicle. That is why testers examine them to assess their condition, size tyre and tread depth.

Pipes: Leakage of fuel can lead to mishappening. That is why operators make sure that the fuel pipe and fuel cap is secure.

Exhaust emission: Unusual smoke coming from the emission pipe could mean there is some problem with the vehicle. That is why operators inspect exhaust emissions.

Structure: The operators inspect the vehicle for corrosion or any other damage. The rust can further spread to the other parts of the vehicle hence needing prevention. Also, the sharp edges of the vehicle can cause injury to pedestrians.

Towbars: Some people fit a towbar which allows them to pull heavy loads. Operators examine the towbar if it is secure, well-conditioned and rust-free.

Warning indicators: Warning indicators are to warn the driver if they forgot to wear a seatbelt or the door is left open. Operators check them to make sure it works properly.

Brak system: The breaks undergo a whole efficiency test. MOT tests its condition, including modification or repair

Seatbelts: Seatbelts act as protective gear while driving. MOT tests ensure that they open and lock properly. Also, they ensure that the clip is in well working condition.

Reasons to fail an MOT test

You can not drive with a failed MOT certificate. So if you are failing on your test, necessary measures are taken. We make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive on the road. A regular car maintenance service gives you records of what is wrong with your vehicle. It also allows you to find the root of the problem more quickly. A few reasons for vehicles to fail their MOT Luton tests are:

Dirt can interfere with driving. A cabin full of dirt or clutter might fail you the test. So a quick wipe on the mirrors and window will give you a clear view and will pass your MOT test.

The lit-up warnings on the dashboard let you know if you are wearing a seatbelt, your fuel is full and other important information. That is why to pass the MOT test. All the lights must work properly.

Top up the screenwash before going to the MOT test.

The registration plate must follow the DVSA rules. A dirty, incorrectly typed, or personalised registration plate can fail you in the MOT test.

Any kind of stickers, pamphlet or parking ticket can intervene your view. Therefore make sure they are out of the wipers sweep the area.

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