What Is Marijuana Overdose and How to Identify?

by Pinky Tyagi Blogger & Writter

Weed proponents claim that cannabis has only beneficial effects. When you ask any stoner about their bad experience, you will clearly get an idea that smoking weeds are not always sunshine and lollipops. There is proof that marijuana is considerably less life-threatening than the other abused substances like alcohol. It means you cannot say marijuana is totally safe. 

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What is marijuana overdose?

There is no clear definition of a marijuana overdose. However, an overdose is possible but the lethal dose is unreachable. Doctors are still unsure how much the active ingredient THC is needed for defining an overdose. 

What is the lethal cannabis dose?

You will need 680kg of marijuana smoke, which is impossible. However, the aggressive temperature will kill you before THC does. In edibles there is no smoke, so you can eat more. You need to eat 100 gm. of pure THC to die. However, with strong edibles your chances to die from excessive salt and sugar consumption increase. 

It means you won’t die!

How to identify marijuana overdose?

Marijuana contains many active ingredients besides THC and CBD. All the cannabinoids [100+] act differently. Too much of THC and you experience a psychoactive reaction, whereas CBD is connected with non-psychoactive effects.

Impaired movements - It is not as horrible as other substances but you will still stumble and slump. Even walking will be a challenge, forget driving. 

Paranoia or psychosis - Users have experienced severe hallucinations and, in several cases, the psychosis lasts longer.

Uncontrollable vomiting - THC has anti-nausea properties, so you cannot connect it with persistent vomiting syndrome. It is associated more often with chronic use. Sometimes a hot shower can offer relief in an uncontrollable vomiting situation.

Heart arrhythmias - Doctors believe that heart disturbances are under-estimated in cannabis use. As taking other drugs and smoking marijuana often goes together, it becomes hard to identify the reason for heart disorders. Drinking alcohol can intensify the effects, so detecting whether the booze or the pot caused a problem is hard.

Are edibles at higher risk of overdose?

The consumption method also makes a difference. When you consume edibles the THC metabolizes differently, when compared to inhalation. The THC absorption in edibles is longer, which makes you feel that you did not consume enough. So, you take another piece of brownie. Suddenly, there is a grave reaction. 

Edibles can cause accidental overdose because cookies lying around will be tempting. Even kids can frequently munch on marijuana gums and cake if left accidentally on the table. As marijuana use is getting legalized, children are getting admitted in emergencies for accidental consumption of marijuana goodies. 

How different is today’s cannabis than in the past?

Weed farmers are more successful in getting bigger crop yields than what was in the past. There is an increase in THC levels ranging from 3.4% [1993] to 8.8% [2008]. 

A marijuana overdose is a hot topic for debate as there is no clear answer about how much cannabis is too much. Never accept the claims that cannabis is natural and safe but be diligent, updated, and critical minded.


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