What is IELTS Exam Pattern?

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International English Language Testing System commonly called IELTS is the famous exam of the twenty-first century that's generally taken by students for studying in overseas universities or to get permanent residency. It includes four modules specifically: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. The details of the modules are provided below:

1. IELTS Listening

Duration: 30 minutes)

You may listen to four listed texts -- monologues and discussions by a range of native speakers -- and write the responses to a set of questions. These include questions which test your ability to comprehend main ideas and detailed factual information, the capability to comprehend the attitudes and opinions of speakers, the capability to comprehend the purpose of what's stated and capacity to follow the progression of ideas. A number of voices and native-speaker accents is utilized and you'll hear every section just once.

Please notice: The Listening component is exactly the exact same for both Academic and General Training variations.

Part 1

A dialog between two individuals set within a regular societal circumstance, e.g. a dialogue within a lodging agency.

Part 2

A monologue put within a regular social circumstance, e.g. a language about local centers.

Part 3

A dialog involving up to four individuals set within an educational or training context, e.g. a college tutor and a student talking a mission.

Part 4

A monologue in an academic topic, e.g. a college lecture.

2. IELTS Reading

(Duration: 60 minutes)

The Reading element contains 40 questions. A number of question types can be employed so as to check a broad assortment of reading abilities. These include reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, comprehension logical discussion and recognizing writers' opinions, perspectives and purpose.

Reading – Academic version

The Academic version comprises three extended texts, which vary in the factual and descriptive to the discursive and analytical. The texts are authentic and are taken from books, newspapers, newspapers and magazines. These are chosen to get a non-specialist viewer but are recognizably appropriate for anybody entering postgraduate or undergraduate courses or seeking skilled registration.

Reading – General Training version

The General Training variant lets you read extracts from novels, magazines, papers, notices, advertising, business handbooks and tips. These are substances you will probably encounter on a daily basis in an English-speaking atmosphere.

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3. IELTS Writing

( Duration: 60 minutes)

Writing – Academic version

The Composing part of the Academic model comprises two jobs. Topics are of general interest to, and appropriate for, anybody entering postgraduate or undergraduate studies or seeking skilled registration.

Task 1

You'll be shown a chart, table, graph or structure and are requested to explain, interrogate or clarify the data in your own words. You might be asked to explain and clarify data, describe the phases of a procedure, how something functions or describe a thing or event.

Task 2

You'll be asked to compose a composition in response to some point of view, debate or problem. Replies to both tasks have to be written in a formal fashion.

Writing – General Training version

The Writing component of this General Training variant comprises two jobs, which can be predicated on subjects of interest.

Task 1

You'll be shown a scenario and asked to write a letter requesting advice or describing the circumstance. The correspondence might be private, formal or formal in style.

Task 2

You'll be asked to compose a composition in response to some point of view, debate or problem. The article could be slightly more private in style compared to Academic Writing

Task two composition.

4. IELTS Speaking

(Duration: 11 to 14 minutes)

The Talking component assesses your usage of spoken English and requires between 11 and 14 minutes to finish. Every evaluation is listed.

Please notice: The Talking component is exactly the exact same for both Academic and General Training variations.

Part 1

You'll be requested to answer general questions on your own along with a range of familiar subjects, like your house, family, job, research and pursuits. This component lasts between four and five minutes.

Part 2

You'll be given a card which asks you to chat about a specific topic. You may have one minute to prepare yourself prior to speaking for as much as two minutes. The examiner then asks one one or 2 queries about precisely the exact same subject to complete this area of the test.

Part 3

You'll be asked additional questions linked to the subject in Section 2. These questions provide you a chance to discuss more subjective issues and thoughts. This component lasts between four and five minutes.

The Talking element is delivered in such a manner that doesn't permit you to rehearse set answers ahead.

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