What is Hypnotherapy? Does it Work?

by Nandez Wendy Designer
Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy used in creating change in a patient during hypnosis or in a in a state of sleep or unconsciousness. During the therapy, the patient undergoes through guided relaxation techniques given by a hypnotist, who is a person trained in offering this kind of therapy.
The purpose of the therapy is to produce deep relaxation feelings, concentration and focus to achieve a state of awareness or trance-like state.
Hypnotherapy Cardiff or hypnotherapy in Wales is effective because during hypnosis, the patient is open to both suggestion and discussion. He or she trusts the hypnotherapist.
During this state, it is time to explore painful and suppressed feelings and emotions or memories hidden from the conscious mind. Change in consciousness leads patients to experience different criticisms at work or home, stage fright or pain.
For that reason, it has been employed in treating phobias, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.
Other conditions it has been applied to treat include grief and loss of loved ones, smoke cessation, weight loss, post traumatic stress disorder. People with psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations can also benefit from professional hypnotherapy in Cardiff or hypnotherapy Wales.
The other concerns would be the methods used in hypnotherapy. Two are most important. These mainly are suggestion therapy and analysis. In suggestion therapy, the therapy relies on ability of patient to respond to suggestion from the hypnotherapist while in this trance-like state. This method can be used to control unwanted behavior such as smoking, gambling, nails biting, or over-eating. It can also be used to treat pain or increase positive behavior such as self-motivation or confidence.
A hypnotherapist would, for instance apply this technique to discover the psychological root of an underlying problem such as social anxiety, depression, or past trauma. These are mainly hidden in unconscious memory and forgotten on a conscious level. 
Therefore, the analysis method digs into the subconscious memory to find retrieve suppressed memories or early developmental trauma (which results to psychological changes or problematic behavior) and try to address them.
Analysis method of hypnotherapy is also called regression therapy can discover underlying disorder or symptom. Therefore, after hypnotizing a patient, the therapists explores past events.
However, the target is not to change patient's behavior in this case, but to locate the cause and treat it through psychotherapy.
Hypnotherapy in Cardiff or hypnotherapy in Wales involves the therapist first assessing the patient to determine what would be the best therapy for their situation. As discussed, the method to apply will depend on the situation (psychological need at hand). Therefore, it will be good to sincerely talk to the therapist about the problem you would like to address or them to address and what it involves. You first talk with the therapist about these options and then they will discuss which they think is best for you as a patient. All the procedures are taken following medical standards to avoid or minimize side effects.

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