What is ecommerce website? Its advantages and disadvantages

by Ali Zulfiqar SEO EXPERT

What is ecommerce website?

If you are not taking branding as your cup of tea, on serious and regular notes, then there are chances you might be losing the brand’s potential. Apart from a joke, Branding is actually playing a role of tea that boosts the energy and increases the potential and when you miss sipping your cup, your scale of liveliness gets low. Owning a brand requires some obligatory duties to scale up the life cycle of a brand. Supporting your brand’s position with customized ecommerce website is a true example of complimenting yourself with self-confidence and stability.

Ecommerce customized website is basically a platform which supports brands in boosting credibility, productivity and pushing the life cycle of the brand towards the mature stage. There are multiple of advantages that ecommerce sites offer to their owners and the proprietors can take benefit of, but as we don’t belong to a fictional world where everything would slide in the tunnel of perfection, so there are little cons too, which owner might have to face.

Here we are mentioning some major pros and cons of owning a customized ecommerce website to help our newbie fellows and some future investors too.


Provoking enough for quick purchasers

The best benefit of having a customized ecommerce website is that it attracts customers to make a quick purchase and encouraged your customers to befall into impulse buyer’s category. All you need is quite interesting yet appealing clicks of your products and there you go!

Easily track customer’s data

Your customers might find it weird, when a salesman ask them about their Email address, phone number of any other kind of information, but the amazing opportunity ecommerce website offers is that you can easily track down your customer’s data without putting your brand’s reputation at risk or creating those Oh-no-please kinds of hesitated moments for your customers.

Through customized ecommerce, you can get access to your customer’s name, Email address, contact number, etc; this also builds a lasting yet trustable relation between brands and customers.

Elevate revenue scale quickly

Ecommerce is a gateway for businesses to elevate the scale of revenue quickly. If you luck is on hook and your experts are following the accurate lane of branding then get ready to spin your money wheel, The amazing and wonderful benefit of ecommerce website is, once you are successful in winning the trust of your customers and maintaining the quality of your brand then the scale of your revenue will hit the top quickly.

Low operational costs

Costing is something that plays a crucial role in maintaining or establishing a business. Among all of the wonderful benefits ecommerce website pays the mind-blowing one is the low operational cost. Having store, shop or boutique might demand lots of expenses to maintain a well-reputed image but an ecommerce customized websites is a kind of presence of brands which require less cost and offers more benefits. For ecommerce you don’t need to pay labor/ staff cost, rent for store, electricity bills, etc.

24/7 available for customers

Now with ecommerce website you can serve your customers 24/7. Online stores are considered more flexible due to their 24 hours of availability. Owning a customized website helps brands in facilitating their customers at any time or anyplace, through ecommerce website you can even target your international customers. The tools ecommerce sites offer to assist a lot in facilitating your customers from across the world just through a single platform. Also, you can keep moderating your site according to the trends and new inventions without losing your grip on the loop of your money.


Tough competition

Brace yourself, it’s not easy to fit in the digital world, ecommerce is highly competitive and its too difficult to find the exact niche. If truth to be said the best niches always have high competition. The more competitive the niche will be the more money you have to spend on the promotions or ads. Sometimes organic ranking also doesn’t work in this case, you have to go for paid ranking as well, to get your brand on top from your competitors, and so, from this aspect ecommerce website could be an expensive asset, especially if you are on the initial stage of your business.

Post Deliveries

Your brand may use the fastest yet punctual delivery service but there are possibilities that circumstances may not fall in your favor. There are plenty of reasons that make the ordered deliveries delay and at this point, your customer gets disappointed, Imagine, disappointing your customer before even they got your product in their hand. This may get hard to digest but unfortunately, it is one of the worst drawbacks to which brands have to confront even if you are not on the fault. Such blunders end in losing the customer’s trust and sometimes patience too.

Non-availability of sampling

Online shopping is a kind of risky investment. Your customer may want to physically examine the product, especially when one is purchasing electronic goods, jewelry, or other technological products. People always want to give a trial, even while purchasing cosmetic women prefer sampling the products before to be 100% assured about the suitability of the product. But, in online shopping there is no option to facilitate your customers with sampling or testing, this could be another reason people might not prefer your online store for shopping.

Uncertain quality & worth

It is said that one rotten egg spoils the whole basket! One of the major reason people avoid online shopping is, they doubt about the reviews or qualities, as brands also compose paid reviews due to this, post purchasing satisfaction sometimes hits the scale downwards. The biggest disadvantage of online stores is that you cannot assure your customer about the quality of your product and services, doesn’t matter how finest quality your product owns, so yes, there are chances your customers might not believe the of word mouth.

Poor internet bandwidth

As ecommerce stores thoroughly operate on the internet and however it needs a perfect connection to keep up the things up to the mark. If you don’t have well functioning bandwidth connection then your site might have troubles in placing the orders, loading web pages, and sign out issues too which could annoy your customers, can spoil their interest of shopping, and your customer might end up drifting away from your site. So, this could be the biggest drawback of running an ecommerce website.

Hackers Alert!

Today, hackers hunt for opportunities, and therefore an ecommerce site, service or expense gateways, all are a constant horizontal to attack. There are chances that your online store could have to go through some security issues, hackers these days are very smart and can easily hack ecommerce sites, whether you run business on premium scale or owns an ordinary business, one can never resist the fact that security on ecommerce websites is totally unpredictable and one of the reasons people run away from online purchasing because for that, they have to share all personal details like contact number, address, email address, bank details and other essential information.

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