What is an Electrocardiogram test?

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What is an Electrocardiogram?

An electrocardiogram records the electro signals or electrical signals of your heart. This is a common test that is used to diagnose heart problems and to monitor the heart in many other conditions.


These are also called ECG or EKG which is done in a hospital or doctor's clinic. In today's era, ECG has become the most standard and standard equipment in every hospital or ambulance.


ECG is a painless medical test that gives instant results. During an ECG, sensors (electrodes) are attached to your chest and sometimes to other organs. These can detect the electrical activity of your heart. Usually, these sensors are left on for just a few minutes.


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Why is an electrocardiogram done?



The purposes of an electrocardiogram are to:

check heart rhythm

If you have low blood flow to your heart muscle

prevent heart attack

check for things that are abnormal, such as a congested or thickened heart muscle

The electrocardiogram gives a report on whether a person has heart disease or not. Your doctor may order this test if:


  • Do you have chest pain
  • you are going to have surgery
  • You already have heart disease problems.
  • There is a history of heart disease in your family


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What should I know before having an electrocardiogram?

When you remove the electrodes, you may have some difficulty removing the bandage. It is rare for the electrodes to have a reaction to glue or a sticky substance, such as redness or swelling, where the patch has been applied.


An electrocardiogram is a safe procedure. There is no risk of you getting an electric shock during the test, as the electrodes placed on your body do not hit the current. They simply record the electrical activity of your heart.


Perhaps someone may face a change in heartbeat or a heart attack from a stress test. This is only done by exercise and medicines, not by ECG.


The implantable loop recorder has a slight risk of infection because it involves minor surgery. Some people may have a reaction to the device, such as swelling


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How to prepare for Electrocardiogram?


No special preparation is required during the ECG. If you are taking any medicines or dietary supplements, tell your doctor about it. There is a possibility that medicine or supplement could affect or change your test results.




What happens during an electrocardiogram?


This test takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

A technician will place 10 electrodes on your chest, arms, and legs with the help of an adhesive pad. If you're a man, you may need to have your chest hair trimmed for a better electro connection.

During the ECG test, when you lie comfortably, the computer notes the electro impulses that are passing through your heart on graph paper. We call this a "resting" EKG. However, this test is also used during exercise to check your heart.

The electrode attachment and test took 10 minutes, but the actual recording took only a few seconds.

Your doctor will keep your EKG pattern on file so that you can compare this test with your tests in the future.

In addition to the standard EKG, your doctor may also give other instructions:

Haller Monitor: A portable EKG that checks your heart's electrical activity for 1 to 2 days and 24 hours a day.


Your doctor may recommend this if he or she sees irregularities in your heart's rhythm, loss of coordination, or if blood is not flowing properly to the heart muscles.


Like the standard EKG, it is also painless. The electrodes are tapped to your skin with the help of a monitor. Once set up, you can go home and do all your normal activities except the shower. Your doctor will tell you what you did and may ask you to maintain a diary in which every symptom you see is noted.


Event Monitor – Your doctor may suggest this device that records the symptoms of urgency. When you press the button, this monitor records and stores the electrical activity of the heart for a few minutes. You have to wear it only once in a week or month. Whenever you see any of the symptoms, note it down and send it to your doctor so that such symptoms can be analyzed closely.


Signal-averaging electrocardiogram- This checks whether there is a high risk of heart problems called arrhythmias that can lead to cardiac arrest. This test is also very similar to the standard ECG but this high-quality technology has been used to analyze the risk of the heart.


If you have any questions about the electrocardiogram, consult your doctor to better understand the instructions.



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What do my results mean?

An EKG measures many different aspects of heart activity, so abnormal results can indicate a number of serious issues.




Decreased heart size and shape of abnormalities:

An abnormal EKG may indicate that the heart valves are larger than each other, as well as may indicate that the heart is working harder than normal to pump blood.


Electrolyte imbalance:

Electrolytes are electrically charged particles in the body that keep the heart muscle in rhythm. Potassium, calcium, and magnesium are electrolytes. If you have an electrolyte imbalance, you may need abnormal EKG readings.


Heart attack or ischemia:

During a heart attack, there is a blockage of blood flow to the heart, which can lead to loss of oxygen to the heart tissue and death. Tissues won't conduct electricity as well, which can lead to an abnormal EKG. Ischemia, or decreased blood flow, may also cause an abnormal EKG.


Heart rate Abnormalities:

A normal human heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). An EKG can determine whether the heart is beating too fast or too slowly.

Heart rhythm abnormalities:

A heart usually beats in a balanced rhythm. If the heartbeats out of beat or out of sequence, an EKG can reveal this change.

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