What is a press release publishing service?

by Braylon Brown Digital Marketing Consultant

Press releases are an important part of the digital marketing services that is a hallmark of the 21st century. The fact that the internet revolutionised everything including marketing is what bought press release marketing to its new iteration. Now instead of just relying on print media to get a message across, the modern press release marketing utilises modern tools and professions like Google News, RSS feeds and the inclusion of bloggers and influencers to perform the same basic function. So, now, functionality aside, how can you use press release marketing? Enter: press release publishing service.

To get an idea of a press release publishing service, imagine a press release marketing service and change the title. That’s all. A press release publishing service is basically a platform or a service-provider that helps corporations or small businesses propagate their press releases for marketing purposes using mediums ranging from social media to good old-fashioned journalists in press media.

What is a press release publishing service?

A press release publishing service will take your press release and disseminate it on the internet and other mediums to make sure that the exposure of your product or service is achieved. These services claim an impressive ROI considering that an average press release marketing campaign costs way less than an advertisement campaign of the same magnitude. Suffice to say, a press releases’ biggest selling point is its cost-effectiveness. A press release publishing service will always guarantee exposure and viewership that is backed by a nominal rice tag and the fact that the press release publishing service will use advanced tools and methods to ensure that the intended audience gets the message. 

How does a press release publishing service work?

Much like an advertisement agency, a press release publishing service will first design a press release around the entire campaign of the product. You can be sure that this release will be optimised, well-written and creative enough to guarantee a pick up by publishing houses and media outlets. Afterwards, the press release will be thrown out in the wild, ready for the people to view it and act on it. 

However, this is not all. A press release publishing service will then employ several other factors to make sure that the release gets its fair share of views. Some of them are listed below,

  1. Identifying the target market: The first thing a press release publishing service will do is identify the right market segment for the release and the product. This is the same market where your press release will work its magic, where your product or service will be utilised and your release will interact with people the most. So, it would stand to logic for the press release publishing service to pen a killer press release for the audience. This part is critical because once it gets to the audience after being distributed, it’s up to the release itself to make the audience read and understand it. After being distributed, there’s not much that can be done to the press release itself, so, a press release publishing service’s greatest ally post-distribution would be the release itself. 

  1. Enlisting bloggers/ influencers: Among the rise of internet and the accompanying services and jobs it has created, the one with the most significance as of right now would be bloggers and social media influencers. Their unpredictable rise has led to them being inculcated into the social media marketing overall and especially into the press release publishing market. How so? Well, a press release publishing service, after the initial launch of the press release will employ bloggers and influencers to endorse and advertise the press release and its related product further as amplification strategy. These bloggers and influencers hold their mettle because of their wide following on social media platforms; which translates into a wider spread circle for products or releases they endorse or advertise. Therefore, among the ways a press release publication service will market a press release is by utilising the internet’s offering to the 21st century: bloggers and social media influencers. Learn how to write a killer press release that the journalists cannot ignore:

  1. Using social media to catalyse the release: The press release will then benefit greatly from an injection of support from the social media sites. A press release publishing service derives a great deal of its channels from social media sites. To put it bluntly, the press release that has been routed to major news houses and media outlets will do their job, but seeing as the majority of the world now depends on social media platforms for just about anything (from news to buying or selling), press releases can then be complemented by a social media campaign that supplements the release and does the marketing for it on the internet. It acts as a catalyst since the press release on its own does its job, but just to cover the digital side of things, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can be used to further amplify the effect of press release. It is imperative to mention here that more and more press release publishing services are now implementing plans like these to further increase their social media footprint.

What is the top press release publishing service?

There are many players in the press release publishing service market. However, only a handful can claim to be the leader and the best in the sea of services. Those with the best of portfolios and impressive track records are listed below.

  1. ReleaseLive- your go-to website for all of your press release marketing solutions. The website provides the best services for the most competitive rates in the market and offers the best analytic solutions to make sure your product gets the recognition it deserves.

  2. PR Newswire- A subsidy of Cision providing the same ambit of services.

  3. Business Wire- A major player in the PR marketing services.

  4. Newswire- High-performing PR platform with a wide variety of clientele and services. 

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