What Is A Lab Grown Diamond? And Why Buy One?

by Shawn William Creative Writer

The old saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” may be as clichéd as it is true. But, there’s also a reason why this specific gemstone has long been associated with romance, luxury and social standing. Lab-grown diamonds are almost identical to mined diamonds in terms of their appearance, quality and value. They share the same brilliance, fire and hue; they just cost a lot less because they aren’t scarce like natural ones. Even so, a synthetic diamond is not the same as a real one. So if you’re thinking about getting one to propose with…or even just for yourself…here’s what you need to know about Best Lab Grown Diamonds and why you should buy one instead of mined diamonds.



What’s the Difference Between a Lab-Grown Diamond and a Natural Diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a real gemstone made in a lab, not an imitation or a fake. It is real carbon crystals shaped into a diamond, but is cheaper than a naturally occurring diamond because it is less scarce. The only difference between a naturally occurring diamond and a lab-grown diamond is the process in which they were formed. Lab-grown diamonds are often confused with cubic zirconia (CZ), which is not actually diamond, and moissanite, which is a silicon carbide mineral and not diamond.


Why Buy A Lab Grown Diamonds UK?


Lab-grown diamonds cost about 80% less than mined diamonds. You'll also have a better chance of finding a larger diamond, as a naturally occurring diamond crystal would have to be very large to have high enough quality to be polished into a gem. You'll have more options in terms of cut, clarity, color and size. You can also choose a specific color grade, like fancy yellow or blue.


How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?


Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a lab using a process called chemical vapor deposition. The method involves reacting a small quantity of carbon-containing gas with a small quantity of another gas at a high temperature to create a synthetic diamond crystal that's about the size of a grain of sand. The crystal is then placed into a machine that uses an electric current to grow it into a diamond of about one carat, after which it is indistinguishable from a naturally occurring mined diamond.


The Bottom Line

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, just less scarce than naturally occurring ones. They're also environmentally friendly, ethically produced, and less expensive.

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