What is a Fire Hydrant?

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A fire hydrant is an apparatus by which firemen and emergency personnel can access a fire-fighting water supply, usually located underground. It's part of effective active fire protection. Fire hydrants have long been utilized in Europe and Asia, mostly since the late 18th century. Above-ground pedestal-type hydrants, on the other hand, are a late 19th-century innovation. Below-ground fire hydrants differ from other types of firefighting devices in the way they pump water and extinguish the fire.


Each fire hydrant contains a hoist that allows it to be reached by firemen and emergency personnel. Once they locate the device, the fireman pulls a lever, activating the water contained within. Most fire hydrants contain two compartments with a storage tank below and a nozzle on the top. Water pumped from the compartment falls down the chimney, while the water from the nozzle heads out into the room of the fire.


A key safety feature of a hydrant is that it is designed to limit or prevent the spread of fire. This is achieved by acting as a funnel that directs the water to a dispersing face that limits or stops the spread of fire to a contained area. These devices are installed by trained firemen equipped with firefighting equipment such as fire hose reels and firefighting helmets. In addition to containing the fire, hydrants also help control the fire's spread by slowing its growth. In the event that a fire develops, hydrant hoses direct the water to stop the spread of the fire.


The mechanism of a fire hydrant is not difficult to explain. At the heart of the device is a pump that draws water from the fire hydrant via a pressure source to the storage compartment. The water is then forced through a nozzle to the storage chamber. The pump and the water used in the device have different operating pressures. The lower pressure of the water used in the pump is used to increase the rate of water flow and push water into the reservoir. This increased water flow can extinguish a fire quickly, especially if the fire is small but still spreading.


Firemen use hydrants to fight fires because they are highly effective at fighting fires that involve combustible materials. Traditional hydration used to be powered by steam pressure from engine oil. Modern hydrants are powered by electricity and can run on stored electricity for many hours at a time. They are also commonly used for emergency power supply to homes and buildings that are cut off for a few hours. If there are no firefighting stations available in the area, firemen use this hydrant as a back-up source of power.


The role of the fire hydrant has been expanded over the years because it is now used for a variety of other applications. Many fire departments purchase fire hydrants to place on their trucks and ambulances. Some firefighters wear a firefighting uniform that includes a fire hydrant on their chest, so you can rest assured knowing their daily duties include extinguishing fires.

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