What If the Diesel Generator Set Is Overheating?

by Starlight Generator dieselgeneratortech

Excessive operation of the the diesel engine will result in a decrease in the power of the diesel engine, a deterioration in the acceleration performance, and an increase in the wear of the moving parts. In severe cases, malignant failures such as pulling the cylinder, sticking the cylinder, burning the tile and burning the piston may occur, resulting in serious damage to the diesel engine.

What should I do if the diesel generator set is partially overheated?

As the temperature rises throughout the summer, it is easy to cause the diesel generator set to heat up. We can judge whether the genset is running normally from the aspects of sound and temperature. Let’s share the local overheat prevention and countermeasures for diesel generator sets.


1. Regularly check the contact condition of the electric brake blade static contact, and find that the compression spring is loose or the single contact finger is not parallel with other fingers and should be dealt with in time.


2. The generator outlet and the neutral point lead connection part should be reliable. During the operation of the generator set, the infrared imaging temperature measurement of the split-phase cable, the static excitation device to the rotor slip ring cable and the rotor slip ring of the excitation to the static excitation device should be performed periodically.


3. In the commissioning of new machines and maintenance of old machines, attention should be paid to check the compression of the stator core and the pressure deviation of the tooth pressure fingers, especially the toothing at both ends. If there is a slack phenomenon, it should be processed before it can be put into operation. If there is any doubt about the connection or the insulation of the core, the iron loss test shall be carried out.


4. During manufacturing, transportation, installation and overhaul, care should be taken to prevent tiny foreign objects such as welding slag or metal chips from falling into the stator core ventilation slots.


5. When the generator insulation overheat alarm occurs, the cause should be analyzed, and if necessary, stop and perform the defect treatment.


In daily operation, we can take the above five measures to actively prevent and deal with the problem of overheating of diesel generator sets. Once we find out the cause and solve it in time, and it is good for generator set. Run to lay a solid foundation.

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