What Hardwood Floors You Must Consider If You Have A Pet?

by Micheal M. Writer

One of the biggest confusions that come to the mind of the vapers regarding the hardwood floor is that which one to select in case of having pets in the house. It is true that if you are having pets, then scratches are inevitable. If you are looking for the best hardwood flooring Van Nuys and have a pet in your house, then you must go through this post for sure. The current post will tell you how can you avoid scratches on the hardwood floors. Further, the post will also let you know what must you consider while buying the right hardwood flooring for type.

Avoid all the softwoods

Obvious that softwoods are the easy target of the pets. Therefore, it is better to avoid softwoods such as pine, fir, cedar, American Cherry, American Walnut and Carbonized bamboo. As these woods are soft so, it gets dent easily. There is no doubt that these are beautiful woods but the problem is that it gets damaged easily.

Use the solid hardwood instead of engineered

Solid hardwood comes floors are stronger than the engineered hardwood floors. Further, solid hardwoods used to have more numbers of sand compared to the engineered woods. Further, you can go for refinishing multiple times with the hardwood floors compared to only two to three times in case of engineered flooring. So, if you are looking for the best hardwood flooring Van Nuys, then go for the solid hardwood flooring.

Take off your shoes

Often customers used to say that their pets made the scratches on the floors. However, that is not true all the time as several times it is the shoe that brings the dirt and dust. While high heels are often not wonderful for hardwood floor, the biggest culprit is not the shoes themselves, but rather what gets caught in the shoes. The pebbles and dirt caught in the shoes cause most of the scratches.

Consider distressed hardwood

Few people like this distressed look and few are against it. Now it completely goes with your need as you want to hide the scratches. The distressed look hides the scratches brilliantly.  Likewise, a hardwood that has more knots and character marks will hide the dent and scratches more. It shows the scratches and dents less because that’s how the wood is designed as the dents look like it fits right in.

Hardwoods are equal but go for harder

All the hardwood floors are hard. However, some are harder. Hickory is a great choice (1820 on the Janka scale). Many other hardwoods are harder. Janka is the scale of hardness, but you can’t just look at hardness by itself. However, it completely depends on you that what type of hardwood floor.

Final Words

Coming to conclusion, if you are looking for the best hardwood flooring Van Nuys and you have a furry pet with claws, then it is better to go with the solid hardwood floors with more grains. It will last long as well as it will hide the scratches better.

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