What Does Black Stool Mean? Are there Cures For Such Conditions?

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
I was having discussion with a friend of mine concerning gut health the other day, when Jeremy told me that he has been suffering from black stool. Being a runner and a sportsman it was pretty shocking for us to see that such thing could happen to him! So I decided to find out a little about this health issue and to my surprise or shock, there were loads of information to be considered that were found in the internet.


Firstly, black stool can be caused because of multiple reasons out of which the first reason is the diet. In case if you are eating meat lot more than you should be, it could cause the blackening of your stool. Next, in case a person eats an excessive amount food which is rich in iron or are consuming iron-rich supplements, you might end up with black stool. However, none of these are as concerning as the last one!
In the last instance, there might be a bleeding ulcer in your stomach or some other gastrointestinal bleeding. Now, what happens here is that when a particular food is consumed the food as well as the blood that is produced in the bleeding is digested. And that the leftover from the blood or the metabolic waste is no long red but is darker in look as well as the waste is sticky in texture. And thus the stool might look black. However, this might not be caused by the running that Jeremy does but nonetheless, I thought that it would be good to get stool tests.

There are other reasons that might also cause blackness in the stool. The variation ranges to the following:

1.    In case you are suffering from pylori infection which causes ulcers which in term might cause the bleeding.
2.    Use of painkillers that are known as Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs could also cause ulcers which in term causes the bleeding and thus causes blackening of stool.
3.    Other causes are: drinking alcohol, Tobacco Use, stress, eating spicy food etc.
4.    Malignant tumors, bleeding esophageal varices etc. are also capable of causing such bleeding.


Symptoms that follow the black stool comprise of the following:
1.    Severe abdominal pain
2.    Burning sensation in the chest (heartburn)
3.    Vomiting
4.    Dizziness
5.    Vomiting of blood
6.    Loss in the Weight
7.    Unsettled stomach

Dangers Of Black Stool

The dangers that are associated with the bleeding of GI tract could actually be very hazardous and detrimental to the overall health. This is all the more true in case of continual bleeding. Do you need to go for stool tests despite of being a sports person? The answer is yes! Why keep an untreated disease in you anyways.

Treatment of Black Stool

The treatment is dependent upon the cause. And some common tests that the doctor might prescribe are:

1.    Stol tests
2.    Blood tests
3.    EGD test etc.

Black stool is something that should not be taken lightly! If like Jeremy, you see that you are suffering from Black Stool, getting a Stool Test is advisable. So, if you are searching for a good place for Stool Tests for Sports Person, Gut Explorer would be a very good choice since they are famed for their immaculate service.

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