What Does a 4G Signal Blocker Mean?

by Ankit Kumar Digital Marketing Expert
A signal blocker i.e. mobile signal jammer in Lucknow is a piece of device that is capable to blocking or affecting the transmission of mobile devices in a place where it is installed. These devices are majorly used to create some sort of interference at the specific range of operating frequency of mobile phones. As a result, available mobile devices will show a significant loss of the signal quality or no signals at all. Even though mobile jammers can practically be used at any place, they are highly preferred at the areas wherein silence is needed or expected the most.
What Does a 4G Signal Blocker Consist?
People who are new to the concept of a mobile jammer or using the mobile signal jammers in Lucknow for the very first time typically ask curiously – what does a jammer has? To help them understand the same, we have mentioned the following components that a signal jamming device consists of:

  • Antenna
  • Tuning circuit
  • Oscillator for voltage control
  • Power supply
  • Noise generator
  • RF amplification

How Does a Mobile Signal Jammer in Lucknow, India Work? 
When a mobile jamming device is active in an area, cell phones available in that vicinity will show weak to no networks at all. And when this jamming system is off, the mobile devices will become active again. We all know that cell phones are designed and created uniquely and have different frequencies for listening and talking. Most of the latest jammers i.e. 4G signal blocker can block one of these frequencies to disable to devices.

You must note down that a signal jamming system works on the same theories that are utilized in the radio communication preventions. These devices are created in a way that they can either disrupt the functions of the cell phones’ base station frequencies or vice versa.
Who Use the Cell Phone Jammers? 
A mobile signal blocker is highly preferred by the militaries, law enforcement, and government officials to disrupt or limit the communications during critical conditions. Several organizations also use these devices to prevent official espionage by controlling or completely blocking the communications in a specific or confidential area. Due to the technological advancement, portable jammers are also available in the market that is used by the common layman for their specific purposes.  

Besides the above uses, schools and colleges also use these devices to conduct fair exams. In addition to this, these mobile jammers i.e. 4G signal blockers are proved to be extremely helpful to the online centers that conduct government or competitive exams. However, there is a different device for different purpose. So, the user should analyze everything before buying or using a cell phone jammer to avoid unnecessary hassles.   

Is it Legal to Use a Signal Jammer in India?
Many countries like India and the USA have not legalized the uses of a signal jammer for personal purposes. And the reason is quite obvious! When you use a mobile signal jammer in Lucknow, the chances are a bit higher that you may get the wrong range. In this case, you will not only block the signals within the area but affect others which is not legal. You will need to seek the legal permission and check all the legalities related to the uses of a signal jammer if you want to avoid unwanted drama later on. And for this, you will need a trusted partner who can help you understand everything.

Where to Get the Best Solutions?
When you want to get the best solutions without digging a hole into your pockets, you are advised to choose Spy Shop Online. Being a genuine yet experienced store, they will not only provide you with the understanding of all legal aspects but help you buy your desired jamming device i.e. 4G signal blocker at the lowest possible rates and with the FREE DEMO.

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