What do the AC sounds mean?

by Robert Morgan airzonehvac

The best way to wean off a long day’s fatigue is by going home to a nice and cozy bedroom. But when you do not tend to your Air Conditioner in Ottawa regularly, then there are chances that you may not get to experience a comfortable room. 

And unless you are a professional in electronic gadgets, then pointing out what is wrong with the AC can be a bit challenging. But, thankfully, our AC units showcase their struggle in a lot of ways. And one such way is the sounds. 

So, let us take a look at a few noises that the AC makes and what they mean. 

1- Hissing: 

Normal hissing is common when you turn on the AC. But, if recently you are noticing that your AC unit has gotten louder when the air is pumped out, followed by a reduction in cooling, then it means that your AC unit is having problem operating. 

The reason for this hissing can either be a clogged filter or a refrigerant leak. 

2- Screeching or screaming:

If you feel like whenever you turn on the AC, it ends up making a noise as if it is in pain, then it is a direct sign that the repair is in need. And we suggest you tend to this problem sooner. This is because screeching and screaming usually indicates that there is an issue with the parts of your AC unit. Either the blower motor belt has worn-out, or the fan blade might be loose. 

3- Rattling or rumbling: 

Rattling noise is an extreme indication, and it is vital that you pick up the noise immediately. This is because rattling sound usually means that there is a leakage in the ductwork. The delay will only wear off the parts, thus, converting into an expensive repair. 

Also, rattling noise can be an indication of a loose part. So, before it breaks free and causes extreme damage, hire a contractor to get the issue resolved. 

4- Buzzing or humming: 

Light buzzing and humming usually accompany when the electrical parts function and last only for a few seconds to a minute. But, if the noise is getting loud and isn’t stopping sooner, then there is a high chance that the electrical components are wearing off.  

Bottom line

So, there you go. These are some of the concerning noises that your AC units tend to make when there is a need for urgent repair. 

However, no matter what other kinds of noises you hear from the unit, you must call a professional for Air Conditioner Repair in Ottawa, like Airzone HVAC. This is because only the professionals will give the AC instant relief by using the right servicing methods.

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