What Do Professional Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services Include?

by Anika Dixit Blogger

When you opt for professional deep cleaning services, especially for the bathroom, you should maintain a checklist of all the things the company should ideally do for you.

Here in this article is a list of all the things that such a professional bathroom deep cleaning service does for you.

Services A Professional Deep Cleaning Bathroom Service Will Include

  1. Decluttering the Bathroom

The first step in any cleaning activity is to declutter the entire bathroom. For that, the professional cleaning service will remove all the products in the bathroom, the buckets, mugs, etc. They will remove all this and keep it outside. This will help them clean the entire bathroom.

  1. Dust for cobwebs

The next step will be to dust for cobwebs on the ceiling and the other appliances like the geyser and the windows, and fans. Once they have dusted the ceiling, they should be ready to begin the deep cleaning.

  1. Time to spray all the surfaces with soapy water

The crew will then proceed to douse entire visible surfaces with soapy water. Moreover, they can also use multi-purpose cleaners on the entire surface. Let this residue sit while the crew begins to scrub the entire surface. Some of the areas the crew should cover are:

  • Back of the toilet

  • Countertops (don’t forget to get under those overhanging ledges!)

  • Fan blades

  • Light switches

  • Shelves

  • Showerhead, faucets, and handles

  • Sink bowl + faucets

  • Toilet flusher handle and any random attachments

  • Toilet seat

  • Underneath/exterior of toilet bowl

  • Vents (careful not to get interior of vents wet)

  • Walls

  1. Scrubbing

Now the crew will spend time scrubbing all the tough spots like the tile, grout, tubs, shower curtains, rods, rings, and toilet bowl.

  1. Wash off  

The crew will then wash off the scrubbed surfaces with water. Making sure not to leave a residue, they will clean the entire bathroom.

  1. Sanitise and disinfect all the surfaces

Furthermore, deep cleaning involves sanitisation and disinfecting all the surfaces. This is an important part of deep cleaning and is very vital to the whole process of deep cleaning. Use on surfaces like:

  • Countertops

  • Shower stalls

  • Bathtubs

  • Toilet exteriors

  • Sink basins

  • Faucets

  • Handles

  • Doorknobs

  1. Let the surfaces dry

Finally, the crew will allow the surfaces to dry completely and shine all the reflective surfaces.


Hence, bathroom deep cleaning services are very necessary in the fourth wave of the pandemic. Moreover, there are some additional chores one can ask the cleaning company to do such as unclogging the drains, sanitising the toilet brush, cleaning the showerhead, etc.

And here are some of the things you can do. You can launder your bathroom towels, clean your toothbrush, sanitise the make-up brushes other cosmetic products. While professional deep cleaning services won’t do all of this for you, you can ask them what services they offer. Once, you are aware of the services that they provide, don’t hesitate to get them to clean your home regularly.

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