What do men need to know about the Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD? : Prevention, testing

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STD affects millions of people each year, but most people don’t even know about it or they are less bothered to know about it. Men do not realize that they are infected as the symptoms may show up later.


There are different types of STD and all of them may not have symptoms, but when they occur, it includes the following,


  • Pain or burning during urination
  • Urinate more frequently
  • Pain during ejaculation
  • Foul-smelling discharge from the penis
  • Bumps, blisters, and sores on the penis


So, if you are having the symptoms for quite a while now, don’t ignore, but visit an STD screening Singapore near you and get tested.


STD: what are the most common ones in men?




  • If you have Chlamydia, you will feel pain during urination and pain in the lower abdomen
  • If you contact Chlamydia, you may not see any symptoms, thus it can go unreported
  • Good thing is that Chlamydia can be treated with an antibiotic regimen, which can show effective results within a week or so


Genital herpes


  • The symptoms of genital herpes may include itching and pain or red-colored bumps and ulcers that may eventually leave scabs
  • Genital herpes can contact others even if the person doesn’t have any symptoms
  • Certain antiviral medicines can treat the outbreaks, but scientists are yet to find any cure


 Genital warts and HPV


  • The symptoms of HPV will include swelling around the penis and warts and itching around the penis
  • Genital warts can be treated using certain medication, but if they don’t work, one can go through the surgical procedure




  • If you have Gonorrhea, you may feel a burning sensation during urination, yellow and green discharge along with pain in the testicles
  • If left untreated at the early stages, Gonorrhea may cause HIV
  • Gonorrhea can either be treated with certain medication or duel therapy




  • The symptoms of HIV may include fever, rash, sore throat, and swollen nodes, and the symptoms will increase if the infection progresses
  • HIV seems to occur more if you indulge in same-sex
  • Curable treatments are yet to be found, but several drugs can stop HIV from taking over the body cells or multiply




  • The symptoms are rare in men but can include certain conditions like itching in the penis, painful urination, or penile discharge
  • As much as 20% of people can get infected again within 3 months of the treatment
  • Trich is curable with the usage of antibiotics


STD: Prevention for men


STD can affect anyone regardless of their age, race, or even sexual orientation, and if you see the symptoms, you must get tested as soon as possible. As mentioned above, some STDs are curable, but not all of them, so we would suggest you practice safe sex. It will protect your partner and yourself from transferring or contracting the infection.


These days, anonymous HIV screening is also possible in Singapore, which will keep your identity confidential.


STDs can be transferred through vaginal, oral, and anal sex, so must be conscious before indulging in any kind of sexual activity. Though most people would say that oral sex is risk-free, it cannot be taken for granted. Several studies have shown that STD can cause oral sex as well, and some of the most common ones are syphilis, herpes, and Gonorrhea.


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