What Content Marketers Need To Do And What Not To Do


Content could be blogs, articles, digital books, infographics, and videos or more to guarantee that you produce enough traffic for your website. However, publishing more content may not be better or fundamentally successful if a good content marketing strategy isn't set up. The volume of content is only one of the things top content writing services in India think about when considering marketing your business.

Questions you need to ask - What, Why, When, How, Where and Who

We can go through these six stigmas to accompany content marketing techniques. The five W's (and the one H) can do much, particularly in rearranging your content creation process. It is essential to concentrate on WHY, WHO and WHAT to set the foundation of your marketing that is both business driven and fulfil your objectives.

"Begin with Why" and ask yourself “Why do it?”

Content Marketing can enable you to accomplish explicit business goals and your WHY ought to be replied by one of them in every one of your situations.

·         Branding: do you want to create awareness of your brand among people and within your industry or to set an establishment of it?

·         Network Building: Is your objective to create a network around your item and services that provides a free progression of information and criticism?

·         Advertising: Do you try to tailor your content for promoting your business and its products or services? For this, you can hire the best freelance content writing company in Delhi.

·         Research: Are you hoping to for feedbacks from the people, break down the information and use to increase your potential benefit?

·         Client Service: Do you wish to offer content related customers’ services?

·         Lead Generation: Do you want more organic traffic and create leads for more up to date deals?

It carries us to the next part of “WHO”. It refers to the intended people that you are focusing on or previously serving. Your content brings to the table answers you need to serve your clients. This would imply that you must understand of your clients' preference and discover what is really necessary to them.

At last, dependent on your business objective understanding of your intended audience, in a better circumstance to choose “WHAT” type of content do you need in that situation. It's all about curating content that fits your business goals and what's best for your image?

If you know what type of content you need to publish for your target customers, you need to decide “WHERE” to publish it. Therefore are many platforms like social media, article publishing websites, and so on where you can post your copy. Then come “HOW”. It is about how you can measure your success with content marketing campaigns. 

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