What Condition is needed to perform the FUT+FUE Hair Transplant

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

As we all know that the procedure of hair transplant is performed by using the hair transplant technique, either done by the FUT technique or through the FUE method. The employment of the hair restoration method all depends on the patient’s own scalp status and the need for the number of grafts to fulfil the restoration job on the surgery. The hair transplant in Delhi allows a patient to get the best benefits of the surgery by picking the right hair transplant surgeon and the best clinic or centre. And, the best benefits of receiving the treatment in Delhi is about the hair transplant cost in Delhi.

The procedure strength is rated on the basis of the extracted number of grafts in a single session that allows a surgeon to fulfil the desired goal of the hair restoration surgery.

Why is it needed to give prime attention to the extraction method in the Hair Transplant Procedure is described below:

·        The Grafts are Obtained:

The first and foremost importance of hair transplant surgery is about receiving the desired number of grafts to fulfil the restoration goal of the surgery. The hair transplant procedure is performed by the process of hair root transferring from the donor area, to recipient balding parts of the scalp. Therefore, it has great importance to focus on the extraction method first rather than the other aspects associated with the procedure such as implantation, dissection or keeping the grafts in saline water until it is used in the procedure. Therefore, the technique of extraction has a prime concern in the surgery as one can get the best feasible number of grafts by receiving the best technique of the procedure. There are two techniques are applied in the hair transplant procedure, namely, the FUT and the FUE. The FUT or the strip method of the surgery has a higher probability of offering the maximum number of grafts owing to the strip excision and thus it is mainly recommended in the case of Androgenic alopecia.

·        The Survival of the Grafts:

The survival of the grafts in the hair transplant surgery is the top consideration while extraction is going on. There is a higher survival rate of grafts in the FUT technique rather than the FUE as the whole strip is excised from the safe donor areas contain grafts are further obtained followed by the graft dissection process under the higher magnification of microscopes. But, when the technique is applied with the FUE, the random extraction raises the chance of higher graft transection due to the involvement of the speculation and forecasting sense to extract the grafts. However, there is a lot of damages can be seen with the FUE extraction as the right angle and direction of hair roots are compromised. Thus, if you are considering the procedure for receiving a number of grafts to fulfil the demand for a high-density hair transplant or bigger grade of Norwood baldness, it is recommended to employ the FUT/strip method.

·        To Fulfil the Implantation Need:

Extraction of grafts has the main aim to fulfil the implantation need for the hair transplant surgery. The respective grade of baldness requires a particular number of grafts to fulfil the desired goal, however, it is important to extract the grafts with full of strength and precision that restoration surgery does. The FUT is a preferred technique for the bigger grade of baldness i.e., NW-V, VI, or VII or when it is required to perform the high-density hair transplants.

Here, we describe the conditions needed for the FUT+FUE Hair Transplant Procedure:

1.      The Higher Grade of Baldness: The higher grade of baldness like the NW-V, VI or VII requires an extreme higher number of grafts can be fulfilled by employing the combined technique of the FUT+FUE hair transplant. The combined technique of the procedure facilitates the option of receiving the best possible number of grafts in a single session as one can get the higher survival rate as well as the higher chance of extracting the mega number of grafts. The combined technique of the procedure applies both the technique in which around 4000-4200 grafts is possible to extract in the FUT, whereas the FUE technique makes the possibility of 2600-2800 grafts.

2.      The High-density Hair Transplants: The high-density hair transplants are all possible to perform with the combined technique as it makes the possibility of extracting the maximum number of grafts in a single session. The high-density need for a restoration procedure easily meets the aesthetic demand of the surgery by employing the dual methods and are approving worldwide followed by the bio-enhanced practice of the surgery.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant requires extreme precision, aesthetic skills, understanding, and the logical decision-making ability in order to meet the best natural outcomes of the procedure. 

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