What changes in iOS 12 on iPhone: improvements and added features

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Update the iPhone with iOS 12 in order to use the new features and enjoy general system improvements

The new version of iOS, or iOS 12 , is available to be installed on all iPhones and iPads , not just the latest models, but also the older ones.

While Apple can be criticized for many things, one can not but be surprised by the support that remains unchanged even for iPhone and iPad, even 5 years old.

All Apple devices that have iOS 11 , including even iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPad 2013 and of course all recent models (iPhone 6, 7, 8, X etc.) can then install the iOS 12 update, as of today .

As usual, the only recommendation to do before downloading and updating the iPhone or iPad is to make sure you have memory space, freeing it from photos, videos and files that you can easily move.

In another article, the guide to free up space on iPhone , even using iCloud or Google Photos to backup photos and videos.

The space required for updating iOS 12 varies, approximately from 1.3 to 1.6 GB depending on the model of the device.

In some cases, however, the installation can also require 3 GB of free space.

Apple provides help in this, asking the user if he can temporarily remove the installed applications in order to gain sufficient space.

To begin the installation of the iOS 12 update Settings> General> Software update , and then proceed with download and installation.

In addition to the request for free space, the iOs update requires that the phone be charged or in charge.

The iPhone or iPad will be restarted and after about ten minutes should be ready with iOS 12 and then discover all the new features.

In this list we see what changes in iOS 12, the improvements made and what can be done more than before.

Just note that some of the new features added may require an Apple device such as the iPhone X or the latest iPhone Xs and Xr .


Create Memoji

iOS 12 brings on iPhone X and iPhone Xs some new Animojis and a more detailed mapping of faces in order to then create animated avatars from cartoons using our face.

From the Messages app, you can tap the Animoji button of the monkey, then the Plus button to create the personal new digital avatar.

2) Add stickers and text

Another fun feature of iOS 12 are the filters and stickers that you can send in the Messages or in FaceTime, in addition to Animoji and Memoji.

By launching the camera in these applications, you can then tap the Effects button to use them.

3) Password and account management

iOS 12 includes some improvements to password management: it can suggest a strong password when registering a new account and helps identify the passwords used too often that it would be better to stop using them.

To find this information, go to Settings> password and account> website and app password.

4) Notification groups

Finally, iOS 12 introduces grouped notifications, so you can delete them from the lock screen in groups with a switch to the left and a touch on Clear all .

You can also receive alerts silently directly to the Notification Center, bypassing the lock screen: scroll left to a group, tap Manage, and then click Silently.

5) Sharing photos more easily

The improved AI of Apple will now recognize people who continue to appear in the photos and can recommend to whom to send them with the Photos app.

All this and much more is available in the new tab For you inside Photo, with the best photos in the foreground and collections of memories.

6) Finding photos more easily

Apple has also updated the search capabilities within Photos, with the use of artificial intelligence.

It becomes therefore possible to search for photos relating to a bar, a place or where a dog appears etc.

Note however that the search for photos in Google Photos remains unparalleled.

7) Addressing your smartphone addiction

An absolute novelty of iOS 12 is Usage Time , which is found in Settings: you can see which apps you use most often, how often you unlock your phone, set limits on the use of some apps ( or app categories), schedule the Do Not Disturb times and more.

For example, if you want to spend only one hour on Facebook a day, you can set a limit and receive an alert with block past the time we are on the Facebook app.

This limit can always be bypassed, but it remains a motivating function to reduce the time lost on the smartphone.


8) Search for ebooks more easily

Apple iBooks gets a renewal with iOS 12 and simply becomes Apple Books.

In addition to changing the name, the app gets new graphics to facilitate navigation and a new "reading Now" box that combines your current readings with some tips from the Apple Store.

9) Measuring objects with augmented reality

One of the new apps in iOS 12 is the measurement app, which uses the augmented reality camera to measure distances in space.

10) Best Do Not Disturb function.

Do not disturb is improved in iOS 12.

You can launch from the Control Center and keep it active until you leave a place in your current position or until the event in the calendar you are participating in (such as a meeting) ends.

There is also a new Bedtime mode that dims the brightness of the lock screen and completely hides the notifications when you sleep.

12) Improvements to Siri

With every version of iOS Siri gets a little smarter so in iOS 12 it is better at answering questions about sports, celebrities and food and can even translate phrases in more than 50 languages or remember passwords.

13) Internet surfing protections

iOS 12 has new protections on website tracking to combat aggressive cookies and the ability to identify the phone or tablet.

14) Google Maps in CarPlay

Once you have updated the iPhone to iOS 12, you can finally use Google Maps with the CarPlay unit, in compatible cars.


15) Automatic iOS updates

The first screen to introduce the new features of iOS 12 says that the iPhone will now update automatically, better than it did before with iOS 11.

In Settings> General> Software Update you can disable automatic updates , which still send a notification to the phone when they are installed.

16) Group video calls in FaceTime

This feature is not yet active but has been announced as "coming soon".

When it arrives you can chat in video with up to 32 people at the same time.

Should I upgrade to iOS 12 immediately?

Personally, I think that this type of updates are always to be done immediately, meanwhile because they are well tested and do not create virtually any problem and then because especially on older devices such as iPhone 5S or 5C, bring with them important optimizations that have a benefit both on the general performances of the system and on the battery life.

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