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Snoring can be a major distraction for either you or for the one sleeping beside you. It might not be a serious issue for you at the moment, but you never know, when can it turn out to be the cause of a quarrel between you and your partner, because he or she might be unable to get a good night sleep because of the noise in the room, which is obviously caused by your snoring.

What basically snoring is and how it happens? Let's find out in this article


Snoring is the coarse sound produced while you are sleeping. It comes out as a result of forceful passing of air through the airway.

When you sleep, the muscles of your mouth (soft palate and tongue) and throat tissues relax. This relaxation lowers their level and causes obstruction in the airway, causing the air to pass forcefully, which, as a result, produces the sound of snoring.


The phenomenon of snoring has been explained. But it is important to know what initiates or triggers this phenomenon? There are a few major causes behind this process. We have stated a few below:

1. ANATOMY OF THE MOUTH: In case your soft palate, tongue or throat muscles are low, or the triangular piece of the muscle hanging from the soft palate is low, you are more likely to suffer from snoring.

2. NASAL PROBLEMS: Accumulation of mucus causes blockage in the airway, causing difficulty in breathing. This difficulty results in snoring.

3. CONGESTION: Congestion due to cold or flu causes difficulty in breathing through the nose, ultimately resulting in snoring.

4. EXTRA TISSUE: Obese people and pregnant women are seen to suffer from extra tissue in their mouth and throat. It can also be said that it is the normal tissue, which fattens due to weight gain and becomes thick tissue. This thickened or extra tissue becomes an obstruction in the airway while breathing when sleeping, resulting in snoring.

5. GENES: Genes play an important role in the anatomy of our body. If you have enlarged tonsils, large adenoids or low and thick soft palates in your genes, you are likely to suffer from snoring.

6. SLEEP DEPRIVATION: Not getting a proper good night sleep is one of the major reasons behind snoring. Sleep deprivation takes you in the state where you can progress into the deepest sleep within just a few minutes. This relaxes the muscles to its full extent, causing snoring.

7. ALCOHOL, SMOKING AND DRUGS: Regular intake of alcohol and drugs, and smoking on a regular basis causes unnatural relaxation if your muscles, which results in snoring.

8. AGING: If you are progressing towards your old age, you are likely to experience hanging of your muscles. This means that loosening of your muscles causes obstruction in the airway, resulting in snoring.

It is now advised to find out the cause behind your snoring annoying, since it is different with everyone, and work on it until your problem gets cured.

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