What Causes High Water Temperature in Diesel Genset

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

The high water temperature of diesel generator set is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. The diesel generator unit uses hard water for a long time. When the generator unit is used, the water tank will generate temperature, so a large amount of scale will be formed in the water tank and water channels, resulting in poor heat dissipation.

2. There are too many impurities in the water channel between the generator body and the cylinder head, which makes the water circulation not smooth and causes poor heat dissipation.



3. The generator set burns engine oil seriously, resulting in excessive carbon deposition and poor heat dissipation.

4. Improper operation and use of diesel generator. When starting the diesel generator, it is necessary to preheat it for a period of time with the medium and small throttle. Do not suddenly increase the throttle and load, otherwise the diesel generator will work rough and the temperature will increase sharply. Or the long-term overload operation of the diesel generator will also cause the temperature of the diesel generator to be too high.

5. Too late oil supply time causes overheating of diesel generator.

6. Put into full load operation immediately after maintenance, resulting in overheating of moving parts or jamming due to too small fitting clearance.

7. The diesel generator is overheated due to insufficient cooling water.

If the temperature of the generator set is too high, it will reduce the fit clearance, strength and lubrication of the moving parts. In serious cases, it may cause cylinder pulling and shaft holding accidents. Therefore, when the temperature of the diesel generator set is too high, it should be repaired in time to avoid irreparable loss.

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