What Can You Expect from a Nursing Agency When Applying for a Senior Nursing Role?

by Kristen White Blogger
As your nursing career advances, you can expect to have more responsibilities and complex work. The nursing agency in Scarborough assists its senior nurses in many different areas like leadership, time management, reporting, planning and organizing shifts, effective communication, and mentoring new nurses. 

Let’s discuss these in more detail. 


With seniority comes the responsibility of handling a team of nurses. This will require you to have effective leadership skills apart from nursing skills. Some of the key features of a good leader are that they are decisive, active listeners, dependable, empathetic, creative, provide constructive feedback, willing to take risks, flexible, and, most of all, build a cohesive environment.  

When you are looking for nursing agency jobs, it is important that you find an agency that provides you the necessary leadership training. This can be either through participatory training or sponsoring online/offline courses.  

Time Management  

Nursing is generally a very demanding job, but, as a senior nurse, time becomes even more precious. Your agency needs to provide you with tips on how to effectively optimize your working hours so that you don’t have to work beyond your scheduled hours.  

One of the key aspects of time management is delegation. It often feels easier to just do the work yourself instead of explaining it to a new nurse and then supervising them. It can be harmful over time, as you may end up doing even the smallest tasks yourself. Therefore, agencies will help you learn to delegate tasks so that you can focus on the managerial aspect of the role. 


While working as a senior nurse for a Nursing Agency in Scarborough, you can expect to be working closely with the management. This requires regular reports on various aspects of the job. The agency will teach you how to create various kinds of reports that can be useful to the management and you as well.  

Planning and Organising Shifts 

This is an essential for a senior nurses’ role. If shifts are not strategically planned, you may end up with either shortage of nurses in some shifts and excess of nurses in other shifts. When looking for a nursing agency jobs, you must verify if they provide you with the skills necessary to plan and organize shifts. 

With effective shift planning and organizing, you will be able to save costs, increase productivity, and ensure that the right resources are in the right place at the right time.  

Effective Communication 

You may be a highly-skilled nurse, but if you aspire to be a senior nurse with more management responsibilities, then you need to be an effective communicator. Communication is not only speaking but listening as well. So, when working with a team of nurses, you should develop your listening as well as speaking skills.

Speaking to the team about the expectations from them will ensure that you have a cohesive team working towards achieving one goal. Listening to them allows you to understand the ground reality and address their concerns. 

As the mediator between management and nursing staff, you should also be able to communicate with the management about the expectations and requirements of the nursing staff. 

Apart from this, the multi-dimensional teamwork requires communicating with other healthcare providers such as doctors, technicians, specialists, therapists, etc. Therefore, horizontal and vertical communication is a vital skill for every senior nurse. 


You may remember the time when you started as a nurse and would follow a senior nurse around to absorb anything and everything. Well, it’s your turn to give back. You can expect to have bright-eyed fresh nurses follow you around, asking endless questions. Mentoring is an important aspect of the senior nursing role, and your agency should help you develop it.

A senior nurse’s responsibilities don’t just stop at patient care. They encompass management responsibilities alongside patient care. Your agency needs to provide you with training and support in the managerial aspects of the job to ensure success.

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