What Blogging Has Taught Me

by Farhan Ali Digial Marketing

I was just doing a 9-5 job, buying groceries and I almost had no life when I first started to think about blogging. However, in my frustration, I resort to blogging and this is perhaps one of the best decisions in my life. I didn’t care about readers (almost) and I just wanted to share what I was feeling about my life. This may sound cliché but trust me, it is purely my thoughts and experience. After a few weeks, I lost interest because I wasn’t giving much time to my blog. But things got changed when I got feedback from readers. I found that it wasn't just me who was frustrated but many like me wanted to share their thoughts. So I resort to the best web hosting and started my blog with much attention and here are the things I learned so far.

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Being First Is Good But!

When I started my blog about daily life back then, there wasn’t any slice of life blog trend but later on, it became a very famous genre in blogging. Later on, a huge number of bloggers joined but how many of you remember? Also, I can name several who started not more than one or two years ago and now have done humongous. The thing is, you should just think that starting first will give you success but being innovative and persistent matters a lot.

It Is For Readers Not You

At first, I wasn’t thinking about my readers but then I got feedback from my readers who were interested in reading more and wanted to share their thoughts regarding my life. Then I changed my goal and I was interested in teaching people about lifestyle and stuff. Things were not easy when I started. I read an article about some best hosting services that you can check at and later I thought why not share my experience with readers so they can make their life better. No one wants to know how you got fancy brand stuff or something they will never achieve easily because they want to know about the solution for the problem in their life. Your content should be for the audience not for you only.

Your Content Will Change As You

As your life will be changed, your content will be changed as well. At first, I just shared what my inner self was feeling about my life but then life began to feel "OK" and so my inner self. I tried to help people and this helped me as well. Things will be changed and so is your content.

First Content Sucks

I was just updating my blog and started to check my posts 4 years ago and it was something that made me think that who will want to read this? this sucks man, what I was writing back then? In the beginning, nothing goes right and not even at the time when your blog matters a lot. Remember, it is all about being good to the perfect. Maybe after some years, I might this funny as well but it is "OK".

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