What are ways you can try to completed CA Final test series?

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Fear of failure is literally the worst fear. You are afraid of making mistakes and not meeting your own or other people's expectations. You assume you can't do it anyway. As a result, you can be afraid of taking a test or exam, when giving a presentation or if you have to show an assignment at the college.

Different reactions to performance anxiety are possible such as if you are taking the exam that can decide your future then the pressure obviously will be skyrocketing. You can learn much harder to try with all your might never to give a lesser performance. Or you can avoid all assignments that are assessed as much as possible. Responding in such a way often only makes problems worse.

Best way to prepare for the CA exam

The CA exam period is coming again! A stressful time for many pupils and students. Full of study sweat, solid blocks and the mobile phone temporarily in the safe. Or do you do it at your leisure, without worrying about tomorrow? Anyway, reading through the material twice won't get you there, especially if you want to remember the information longer. You can omit copying entire paragraphs and courses. And full marking your book with fluorescent colors won't help either. But how do you do it? How do you best remember study material? Important insights about how your brain works can provide the answer.

There is really no other option than to repeat everything you have learned in recent years. Hang hard-to-remember knowledge on the toilet door if necessary.

Test your preparation

Use the testing effect to remember longer. The basis of this principle: that which a person tries to remember reinforces that memory. 'If you try to remember something by digging into your memory, you will remember this information longer. Even if you don't know the answer and have to look it up afterwards. You can test yourself by thinking up questions while reading the text, using CA Final Test Series. This method also works for difficult things like accountancy exercises, where you try to remember the steps in a solution process. It is important that afterwards you can check that what you have remembered is correct and complete.'

Don’t lose your motivation

What do you do when you no longer feel like studying? 'This is a difficult issue because when you start learning, you always need some kind of initial motivation, preferably an intrinsic motivation to do well. If you only read the material a few times, you may just pass your CA exam, but the satisfaction is not forthcoming. You know that after a few days you have already forgotten what you have learned. 

How many people wonder afterwards: 'Why did I take all those exams, I forgot again'. When you use the right strategy, spread out the study moments and test yourself, you will discover that you can store and remember much more information than you thought. This success experience can lead to better study motivation. With the right study techniques you can also go through more teaching material in the same study time, allowing you to do more in one day. However, the true effects of your efforts will always be rewards in the long run.'

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