What are the signs of decreased kidney function?

by Rahul Kumar Health and Medical

The detection of kidney disease is not easy because symptoms of kidney problems occur when kidneys are in their miserable condition. In other words, a kidney patient gets to experience symptoms when his kidneys are damaged over 90 per cent. The early stage of kidney damage doesn’t cause symptoms because kidneys can carry out their natural functions until most of their parts have been damaged. That’s why kidneys are often known as ‘silent killers’ because it’s challenging to detect the problem in its initial phase. People at an early stage of kidney problems live a normal life as they are unaware of their kidney problems because they don’t experience any signs. Here, we will tell you about some common signs of kidney disease that will help you determine kidney disease at its earliest. 

Before telling you about kidney disease symptoms, let us tell you that you shouldn’t wait for symptoms to appear in your body. You should go for routine tests to check for any silent problem in your body. Especially, those people who have risk factors for kidney disease or any other severe disease must go for medical tests to keep track of their health. For instance, if you have diabetes and high blood pressure, these are the top risk factors for chronic kidney disease; therefore, you should take a kidney functioning test to check your kidney health from time to time. The earlier CKD is diagnosed, the less easy it is to cure it. However, some signs and symptoms of kidney disease are alarming and indicate that your kidneys require the best treatment and care. 

Visit a kidney doctor immediately if you experience these signs of kidney problems. Those symptoms include;


·    Change in urination pattern 

Your kidneys filter blood and form urine to excrete wastes from the body with it. When kidneys lose their functions, urination related problems occur, such as an increased urge to urinate more, the presence of blood in urine, etc. You may also notice a fluctuation in urine output as most of the time, you will notice less urine output, while sometimes you may have high urine output. It’s one of the early signs of kidney problems.

·    Foamy or bubbly urine

When you pee and notice that your urine is bubblier and shinier than normal days, it sometimes indicates that your kidneys are sick. However, it may be a temporary condition as well because taking a high protein in the diet may also spike up your protein level in urine. In such a case, if frequent urine tests in a row show high protein value in urine, it means your kidneys are damaged and not capable of regulating necessary protein in the body. 

·    Fatigue          

Decreased kidney function can cause accumulation or buildup of wastes and toxins in your blood that makes you feel exhausted or lack of energy throughout the day. The problem may also cause anemia which can cause you to feel more weak and tired due to low red blood cells count.

·    Itching 

When your kidneys fail to regulate the level of different electrolytes in your blood, you can feel skin dryness or itching. Mainly, high phosphorus levels in your blood cause itching.

·     Swelling in your hands, feet, or legs 

If your kidneys can’t remove excess or unnecessary fluid and sodium from your body, and their accumulation occurs, it can cause swelling in your feet or other lower extremities.

·    Breath shortness 

Due to the buildup of extra fluid in your lungs when your kidneys can’t remove them, the condition may cause breath shortness. Anemia in CKD may be responsible for the shortage of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, which may also cause breath shortening. 

·     Pain in your back 

Kidneys are situated on either side of your spine in the body so that you may notice pain in that area in case of kidney damage. One may notice mild pain, which may turn worse with body movement or physical activities. Infection or blockage of kidneys may also cause back pain. 

·     Loss of appetite 

In case of decreased kidney function, a buildup of wastes and toxins may occur. Due to which, you may feel abdomen fullness all the time and thus experience loss of appetite.   

·    Puffiness around eyes 

Protein leakage in urine results from kidney damage that can cause puffiness around your eyes, an early symptom of kidney disorder.

·    Imbalanced blood electrolytes level (phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D, etc.)

Impaired kidney functioning can cause an imbalance of electrolytes present in your blood. It may cause low calcium levels, high phosphorus, which may cause muscle cramping.  

·         High blood pressure 

Unnecessary fluid and sodium accumulation in kidney disease can elevate your blood pressure. Uncontrollable blood pressure can further damage the blood vessels in your kidneys and thus worsens your kidney condition.

If you experience some of these symptoms in your body, get alert and seek medical assistance as soon as possible. However, you may notice some other symptoms of kidney disease or low kidney functioning. If your doctor suspects any kidney disease, he may order lab tests to check your kidney health and functioning ability.  

In such a condition, a kidney doctor can help you get rid of these symptoms, but if you contact a kidney doctor, it can be more beneficial for you. 

An Ayurvedic kidney doctor utilizes a personalized treatment approach to overcome all kidney problems. This holistic treatment has restorative and therapeutic properties; therefore, it can repair damage in your kidneys and thus can help them get their natural functionality back again. Your kidneys become healthy ultimately and capable of carrying out their natural functions after completing the personalized Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment. The best feature of Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment is that it provides a permanent cure to your kidney problem without leaving any adverse effects on your health. 

Opt for the best Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment to naturally get rid of all symptoms of kidney disease for prolonged.

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