What are the Side Effects of Veet Hair Removal Cream?

by Rashmi Adwani health content development
Hair removal creams are an under-utilized depilatory method which may be effective if used in the ideal way. And Veet is one of the most popular brands when it comes to hair removal creams. But you might have always wondered about veet hair removal cream side effects.

A lot of men and women have a tendency to steer clear of hair removal lotion on account of the thought they are chemical and that destroys hair with this substance may also be bad for the skin.

In fact, these lotions contain chemicals that break down keratin bonds. Keratin is found in both skin and hair.

Veet is among the most widely used hair removal products in the marketplace. It has existed since 1940 and has positioned itself as a quick, easy solution to shaving and also a less debilitating method. But even after such a long dominance in the market, people are pretty unsure about veet hair removal cream side effects.

veet hair removal cream side effects

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream is your best selling body and face depilatory lotion. It is a hard to overcome product that comes with numerous natural ingredients like aloe vera and particular cleansing agents. This really does a whole lot to neutralize the harmful ramifications of the lotions to your own skin.

Veet is a rather well-known and reliable company so my information if employing this would be to follow the directions as carefully as possible. That way you're not as prone to do any harm.

I would recommend this product to be used in your own legs because its brilliant at it, but maybe not for decorative use or underarms. Veet utilizes compounds to break down follicles. The active ingredients (calcium hydroxide together with sodium hydroxide) raise the pH of their hair, effectively trapping portions of their pores. There are several unique formulations of Veetlotions creams, creams, in-shower remedies. Some formulations also utilize the component potassium thioglycolate, a compound which strikes the hair's keratin. The hairs are subsequently diminished enough to be wiped away.

However, if these compounds are strong enough to melt hair... what damaging effects would they have in your skin?

side effects of using veet hair removal cream

Veet's active compound ingredients may lead to skin irritation, especially for anyone who have sensitive skin. There are a number of levels of skin irritation, and it typically depends upon your sensitivity level, in which you put the merchandise and how long you left it on. The result may be as moderate as a little tingling sensation to some more embarrassing burning followed closely by the appearance of a rash. Mild skin discomfort can normally be treated at home with aloe vera gel, but more significant cases (such as allergic reactions) will call for medical care.

Veet usage also carries the possibility of chemical burns. The combination of Veet's calcium hydroxide and potassium thioglycolate ingredients causes a potent chemical response which may burn skin if it's left longer than directed. Veet always comprises the recommended time for program on the bundle; it is generally somewhere between three to ten minutes.

To prevent skin irritation, allergic reactions or maybe a chemical burn, make sure you read the package carefully. Every formulation differs and consequently will require its own different measures. Then do a little test patch on your arm or hands. If your skin becomes red, irritated or painful, stop use immediately and seek a urgent medical care doctor--you might be having an allergic response. If your evaluation patch went without incident, proceed with the program... but avoid putting Veet in almost any sensitive areas like the underarm or bikini area.

Ultimately, don't depart Veet sitting on skin for more than the instructions urge. Ever. It is irrelevant just how much a Veet specialist you believe yourself or how obstinate you feel a specific patch of hair would be: utilizing Veet for more than the suggested period could lead to a severe chemical burn. I hope you have got a better picture on veet hair removal cream side effects.

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