What are the Reasons behind Increasing Demand for Python in 2019?

by Lena Burkut Writer

As the time is passing by and the technology in increasing, there is a rise in the usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence everywhere. All the developers are now looking forward to get some insights into these latest areas and work on them. This is the major reason for the drastic increase in the demand for python. There are many factors that are significantly helping the traffic to drive towards Python.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons for the continuous increase in demand for Python in 2019:


·        Machine learning

Python is an interpreted language and this is the reason why it becomes comprehensive enough to be used by the virtual machine. The usability can also be increased by the usage of complex Boolean expressions along with objects, variables and arithmetic expressions in case of the complicated scenarios. This can also exponentially increase demand.

In the last few years, there has been a sudden increase in machine learning advancements and everything is getting changed very quickly all around us. Every coming day, the algorithms are becoming more sophisticated. The libraries of machine learning are more with Python rather than other languages and that is why Python is on top in accordance with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore learning python for machine learning can be really beneficial as you will get a completely advanced career scope. You can go for the python training courses available online in order to get the right knowledge required.

·        Web development

Well, for years Python has been used for the task of complex application development by the organizations. For the backend development, every 4 out of 5 developers recommend using python. For the last two years, there has been a great rise in usage of python for web application development as it works as a much better alternative in comparison to other languages like C or PHP. There are n number of best frameworks and libraries available in Python, through which development becomes pretty simple. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, etc are regularly using Python for their development purposes. The codes of python are highly robust and can be used with versatility.


·        Data science

Data science is another in-demand technology of today and almost all the organizations have turned their tables toward data science. Data scientists love using Python over any other programming language like C or C++. Python comes with all the relevant libraries like NumPy, PpyMySql, Matplotlib and PyBrain, etc which are most suitable to deal with a bulk amount of data. Also, the best part about python is that it can be easily integrated with any other programming language which makes it more scalable and flexible to use.

·        Best libraries and frameworks

Django is a popular name we commonly hear in context with Python. During the Python training programs, this framework is taught in details. The major reason is the superiority of the framework and its simple and secure usage. All the developers and companies prefer using it in order to shorten their development time and also the setup is very easy.

·        Jobs and growth

In the last few years, Python is spreading in the IT world like fire. Therefore, taking python as a career can provide new wings to you and your goals in life. But with demand, the competition is also increasing and hence it makes sense to get the python training ,so that learning becomes easier, simpler and in-depth. This will help you in accelerating career growth and also getting a job will also be pretty easy.

With the high demand for coding today in the IT world, if you don’t know Python that means somewhere you are still behind the technology. So, take this step forward and prepare yourself for future advancements and learn Python well.

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