What Are The Pizza Industry Trends In 2024

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Looking for pizza industry trends in 2024? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here you will get information on the pizza industry and current trends in it. Further, you can also get a guide on choosing eco-friendly packaging for your food business. So continue to read below. 

Everyone around the world loves to eat pizza. Many countries are having a higher number of pizza buyers. Further, Italy is widely known to be the inventor of pizza. This man-made food item is widely popular all over the world. In addition, the pizza industry will continue to grow in 2024. Therefore, if you are planning to open a pizza business then you can start it without any tension in the future of pizza. 

Top 5 pizza trends for 2024

Local produce, dairy and meat

People want to support small businesses now. If you haven't yet, try partnering with local farmers, dairies, and ranches to use ingredients from nearby. When you do this, let your customers know on the menu. It makes them happy to support local suppliers.

Vegan and gluten-free options

More and more people care about staying healthy, and they want fresh and nutritious choices, even in familiar foods. Making a pizza vegan is easy—use non-dairy cheese or skip it. For those who can't have gluten, offer a crust made from gluten-free flour or the popular cauliflower crust.

Online ordering

More people than ever are ordering food online or using mobile apps. About 60% of folks order takeout or delivery at least once a week. So, your pizza place must join in. If fees from third-party services are a concern, check out a system that works with your restaurant POS.

Eco-friendly packaging

You should care about the environment. Further, customers like brands that adopt eco-friendly packaging. If your takeout and delivery stuff use packaging that can be recycled or composted. And it will impress your customers too. Moreover, your packaging can be recycled and businesses can use it again and again. In addition, you can have pizza boxes wholesale packaging for your business at a lower price. This way, you can save a lot of your income on packaging expenses.

Pizza by the inch

Many pizza places stick to sizes like 9", 12", and 16", based on their tools. It's efficient—using the same-sized dishes keeps things consistent. But what if customers could decide exactly how much pizza they want?

Some new pizzerias are doing just that by offering pizza by the inch. Picture one big pizza, a yard long and rectangle-shaped. They cut off pieces based on what the customer wants. So, you could get 3", 7", 11", or 17" pizzas. You see this idea working well at places like Barrio Pizza in Burlington and Bonci in New Orleans.

Focaccia frenzy

People are loving a new pizza trend—using focaccia dough. Focaccia and Pizza are like old pals, and it's cool to see them hanging out again.

We know about sourdough pizzas, but now, focaccia is the star for those who want a different kind of slice. Focaccia dough is thicker, making the pizza feel heartier.

And here's the cool part—it's easy for beginners. Working with focaccia dough is known to be beginner-friendly.

Pizza-to-order machines

Why bother going to a shop when you can get a fantastic pizza from a machine nearby? That's the idea behind the new pizza vending machines showing up in cities worldwide. It's causing both excitement and some confusion.

These machines work just like regular vending machines. You tell it what kind of pizza you want, and then it makes the pizza right there and gives it to you in its box. A company called PizzaForno, based in Michigan, claims their machines can whip up a personalized, ready-to-eat pizza in only three minutes.

Ceviche pizza

Pizza toppings can get pretty wild. Macaroni and cheese? Sure. Avocado? Why not? Barbacoa? Tasty! But one of the craziest ideas we've seen for a pizza topping is ceviche.

For those unfamiliar, ceviche is usually raw seafood cured in citrus juices, like lime or lemon, seasoned with salt, and chilli, and served with fresh herbs like coriander. It might seem odd to put something meant to be raw, like ceviche, on a cooked pizza.

Yet, it's catching on to top pizzas with things like shrimp ceviche. There's a recipe from Hispanic Kitchen for a grilled pizza with shrimp ceviche that sounds unbelievably delicious.

Flourless crusts

Gluten-free stuff is a thing in restaurants and stores. People with Coeliac disease or those cutting certain things like it. So, now, many pizza places have crusts without regular flour. But it's not just about going gluten-free; they're trying different doughs.

They're getting creative with cauliflower, rice, lentils, and quinoa. These bases aren't just gluten-free; they give chefs new textures and flavours to play with.

Frozen pizza for small business

Frozen pizza is usually linked to big brands in grocery stores, like McCain and DiGiorno. However, smaller pizza places are joining the game with their twists.

More and more small brands are making their frozen pizzas. Roberto's Pizza, American Flatbread, and Spinato's are some of them. They're proving that frozen pizza can be just as tasty with their unique creations.


What Is The Future Of Pizza Business?

The future of the pizza business is bright. Further, you can utilize some marketing strategies to boost your business sales. This way, you can generate maximum revenue out of starting a new pizza business.

What Is The Outlook For The Pizza Industry?

The pizza business is growing year by year. Each year is giving a bigger number of revenue from previous ones. Further, $141.1 billion in sales in 2022 are obtained. And it is growing at the rate of 6.7%.

What Is The Market Potential Of Pizza?

The market potential of pizza is great. You can generate maximum revenue out of this business. Further, we suggest you analyze the market clearly before starting your food business.

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