What Are The Futures Trends Of CRM? Here Are Top 10 CRM Trends To Pay Attention In 2021

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New CRM platforms will dramatically alter CRM trends for 2021. As a result, companies increasingly prefer on-premise solutions to cloud computing technologies. 

We expect that mobile usage will increase from both consumers and employees based on this trend - enabling people to work remotely without access to the company's networks. 

A great product or service isn't enough today. Relationship building with customers is essential to fostering loyalty and retention. Keeping up with the latest trends in CRM will give you a competitive edge.

Key CRM trends have shaken up the industry as we enter the new decade. Keep up to date on what's new in the industry by following some of the Top 10 CRM Trends to Pay Attention in 2021.

  1. Artificial intelligence plays a central role in CRM

CRM analyzes vast amounts of data to personalize customer interactions. For example, CRM tools can analyze data collected across sales, marketing, and customer support channels to measure business performance. With the aid of AI-based CRM, you can identify consumer buying trends to increase conversions.

CRM will simplify repetitive tasks, thus increasing employee productivity. In the future, AI and Machine Learning (ML) will enhance CRM platforms. AI-based CRM chatbots are likely to give customers additional information soon. Artificial intelligence-powered CRM can therefore provide faster and more accurate solutions.

   2. CRM will merge with IoT

Industry verticals are rapidly embracing IoT as a game-changer. In this year, CRM integration and IoT will play a significant role. As a result, CRM and IoT offer numerous benefits, such as improved customer loyalty, enhanced retention, and personalized marketing campaigns.

Experts predict that IoT will continue to make significant changes in how CRM works. According to research, there will be 39 billion IoT devices by 2025. Advanced CRM systems use the IoT trend by connecting to feeds from devices. Intelligent devices give businesses valuable insight into customer behavior and help them deliver more personalized marketing strategies and customer service.

1  3. A Conversational User Interface (CUI) and Voice Technology

In the advancement of SaaS solutions, voice technology plays a fundamental role. An Adobe study found that 94% of people believe that voice technology is easy to use, saves more time, and improves their quality of life. It is easier for sales staff to monitor customer data using voice assistants. Those with leading CRM solutions have embraced voice technology; others will follow.

1   4. Online customers use their voices

Through social media channels, you can access our views and feedback. However, this is the most effective form of one-to-one marketing yet, not a threat. Following a successful social transaction, this draws in new customers.

It's no wonder that social media is such a critical driver of ROI. Three out of four marketers invest in social media marketing on a global scale.

CRM systems have always been challenging to use, but a focus on user ease will make them a popular choice in the future. CRM will always put the user experience first. As CRM systems become more user-friendly, access to and evaluation of information will become easier. Also, we may see improved CRM features to facilitate direct contact between sales and customer service agents. With CRM, consumers will receive accurate information that helps them make strategic decisions.

1  5.Reliance on Data

The fragmented work and pandemic have led to a need for unified data, Dozer says. According to him:

Companies will become more dependent on CRM and business systems to provide a centralized source of information. You become that much more concerned when you cannot get up and go ask to purchase if they have copies of POs on their desks.

According to Salesforce data, marketing professionals will use 12 data sources by 2021. The number of data management tools used in 2020 is also double the number (six) used in 2018. Additionally, 80% of marketers have reported using data-driven engagement.

1  6. Usability

Dozer says the emphasis will shift to making things simple and easy to use in the coming years.

According to him:

In recent years, CRM systems have evolved so much that they sometimes have even mimicked ERP systems in some areas. It is on the surface, but for the salesperson or customer service agent on the road trying to find information quickly, the systems may seem complicated.

As the CRM industry changes, it has less to do with the applications than how effectively it uses them. As a result, more features will revolve around UI/UX and easier use. Furthermore, it will lead to tighter integrations with ERP and CPQ.

CRMs that cater to end-users include AI solutions. 

1   7. All-in-one software

Here, we're talking about a solution that will integrate everything: customer service tools, email software, analytics, customer data platforms, and marketing automation. Once a person signs into the CRM system, there is no need to leave.

There's no juggling act that sales teams currently have to perform.

A big part of achieving this will be through the internet of things (IoT).

In addition to sending out maintenance updates, IoT-connected devices can feed more information into a CRM system. Customers' IoT devices can provide a company with data about product errors or issues. The business can therefore offer better customer experiences that, in turn, increase satisfaction levels.

It also provides better opportunities for marketing campaigns that can target customers more efficiently.

 8.Virtual and augmented reality

You will realize just how far technology has come if you've ever used a virtual reality (VR) headset. Shortly, virtual reality will be much more than just an infancy phase.

AR (augmented reality) tech does the same, augmenting our existing world and enhancing it.

It enables marketers to reach customers unlike ever before, as they become increasingly aware of its potential. VR and AR marketing experiments are on the rise, so is their potential presence in your CRM strategy.

As the buying experience improves, CRM platforms will benefit from better tools for reaching and interacting with customers.

Furthermore, augmented reality can provide employees with real-time information about CRM sales. If necessary, trainees can even receive remote assistance from experts. AR technology can improve collaboration within a company, and this is one of the top outcomes.

VR and AR both show immense potential, as well as where the customers go.

9. Mobile CRM will pave the way

Smartphones have revolutionized business management. As the digital world continues to evolve, so does CRM technology. In the age of 'work from home, all stakeholders need access to CRM resources. CRM tools that are easy to use online and offline are essential. CRM features designed for mobile devices should meet the end-users growing connectivity needs.

 10. A rise in social CRM is expected

Social CRM refers to CRM platforms that integrate social media networks. CRM and social media can help businesses gain more insights from social media and grow their brand awareness. 

By promptly responding to comments posted on social media, companies can create stronger relationships with current and prospective customers. 

Companies will be able to receive quicker and more accurate responses by using CRM. By implementing social CRM, companies can generate more leads, gain more customers, and retain them.


The CRM market is booming, and it continues to grow. Picking the right CRM software this year will be easier if you follow this year's CRM trends and future of CRM in India . Customers expect the best experience, regardless of whether they use superior mobility, AI, IoT, or VR/AR. By understanding these trends, you can adapt your strategy to stay relevant.


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