What Are the Essential Components of Healthy Dog Food?

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It is easy to feel lost in the pet food aisle in the supermarket. Pick up one pack of food after the other, trying to figure out the implication of the level. Unfortunately, there is an indirect relation between the quantity of dog food and the quality. Although there are several brands in the market, there are hardly any ingredients that help your pet keep a healthy diet. So how do you find the Best quality dry dog food New Zealand

How do you navigate list after list to find what's suitable for your buddy? It is a bit simple. All you need to do is keep an eye on five ingredients that balance your friend's diet. The ingredients make up the daily requisites of your dog.If you follow the tips, you will go in and out of the aisle in no time. Read on to learn more about the inherent ingredients of Healthy dog food New Zealand

According to research conducted by PetMed, Protein comprises 18% to 25% of the adult dogs' diet. It means that 21% to 26% of your pet diet should include protein. As we got to know from our high school science lesson, protein consists of amino acids. It is imperative for building blocks of Muscles and Repairing worn-out tissues. Just like humans, our canine friends also need protein.

Consult with your vet to learn more about the protein requirements of your puppy. Carbohydrate is another vital element of Best quality dry dog food New Zealand. It is essential for energy production, and a high concentration of carbohydrates is available in corn and wheat. A high concentration of carbohydrates is present in grains. 

High-quality and less expensive carbohydrate sources include oats, barley, and rice. 

Some Dog food suppliers New Zealand use small amounts of carbohydrates as fillers. Apart from being a source of carbohydrates, it also includes fiber. Fiber helps your fur friend to feel full and regulate bowel movement. It is beneficial to opt for dog food with varieties of carbohydrate sources. After all, variety is the Spice of life. Some pet lovers prefer that their dogs have grain-free food, as it helps with common digestive issues. 

We are not advising you to go on a paleo diet for your pet. However, there are variants of grain-free food for your pet to try. Fat is a highly concentrated form of diet. Believe it or not, fat gives twice the amount of energy that it would get from carbohydrates and protein together. It is a misconception among pet lovers that fat is unhealthy for diet. The fact is that it helps in coat development, proper functioning of cells and muscles. A healthy diet for your pet should include 10% to 15% fat.

Like humans, his best friend also needs a considerable proportion of vitamins and minerals. Best quality dry dog food new Zealand includes Vitamin E and A.

If you are still searching for Dog food, connect with Dog food suppliers new Zealand today. 

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