What Are The Different Types of TV Sockets & Fan Controllers?

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There are different types of sockets that offer unique advantages. You will have to choose sockets for connecting your TV and then there is the fan controller. Find out the different types of sockets that you will need in your home and their key benefits.

TV Sockets

When it comes to television socket, there are two main options. You should choose the right one based on the signal quality required.

PAL BL female socket is the usual design that is used in most residential and commercial settings. They are mostly mounted on wall plates, but there are other options including fascia mount. These sockets are also available as plugs and sockets that fit on the end of cables. There are many benefits of using this type of socket.

  • They can be easily connected and removed from the TV fly lead
  • Usually, almost all fly leads come with male plugs for PAL BL female sockets

Always choose F connector because it is considered as the most optimal for TV connections. There is least possible noise and signal loss.

The F connector Barrel Socket is another type of socket. They are commonly seen used with digital TV. They are considered even better than PAL BL sockets when it comes to retaining signal strength. The key benefits include lower noise and signal loss and higher level of mechanical reliability.

Fan Controller

There are two commonly used controllers – a more compact and lightweight unit and a larger and more expensive one. Both use different mechanisms for controlling fan speed. And then there is a hybrid unit that offers the best of both.

  • Circuit Board Type: This is the lighter and compact type of controller. It works by switching mains voltage on/off cycle instantly. The on-off cycle can run several times in a second. Some types of circuit board controllers can also allow temperature based control.
  • Variac Style Controller: This type of controller features an electric transformer. It works by controlling the regular mains voltage provided to the fan. There is no on-off cycle, but it doesn't provide you any temperature control feature.
  • Hybrid Controllers: This third type of controller provides the best of both the above-mentioned types of controllers. In this case, a variable transformer is used similar to the variac style controller, but there is also an electronic circuit board for controlling the variac. It can also provide automatic temperature control.

Electrical Isolator

Electrical isolators are manually operated switches that provide optimal safety by separating a part of the electrical power. They enable opening a circuit without any load. An isolator is designed specifically for isolation of one part of the circuit from the other. They are used at both ends of a circuit breaker to allow repair without any potential hazards. There are different types of electrical isolator including single break, double break, and pantograph type isolators.

So when building a new home or changing your existing electrical wiring and switches, make sure to choose the right type of socket. Whether it’s the television socket or fan control, the right choice can mean more convenience and more safety.

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