What are the different types of Beam installation

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What is a beam?

In structural engineering terms, a beam is a member that comprises several materials like steel, wood and aluminium to withstand loads that are applied laterally to the axis of the beam. Beams can also be considered as elements, members, shafts, rafters and purlins.

Types of beam installation

Different types of beams are used for constructing buildings and structures. The beams are the horizontal structural elements that bear the vertical loads, shear forces and bending moments. The beam transfers the loads imposed on the length to their endpoints like columns, walls and foundations, etc.

Let’s discuss the types of beams that are used while constructing buildings


     Based on the conditions

     Base of the support conditions

     Based on Geometry

     Based on the methods of construction

     Based on the cross-section shapes

     Based on the construction materials


Based on Support Conditions

    Simply Supported Beam

It is one of the simplest structural elements where both ends rest on the supports but is free for rotation. It comprises fixed support at one end and roller support at the other end. It is based on the assigned load. It assists bending and shearing.

    Fixed Beam

Such beams are supported at both ends and are fixed to resist the rotation. Thus, it is also known as the built-in beam. The set ends produce moments other than the reactions.

    Cantilever Beam

The cantilever beam has a fixed beam at one end and remains free on the other end. The shaft dispenses the load back to the support, where it is forced against a moment and shears the stress. Such beams permit the creation of balconies, windows, and some bridges. 

    Continuous Beam

In continuous beams, there are more than two supports that are distributed along the complete length.

    Reinforced Concrete Beams

This type of beam is made with concrete and reinforcement. Sometimes such beams are concealed in reinforced concrete slabs and then called hidden beams or concealed beams.

    Steel Beams

The beams made from steel are known as steel beams and such types. The steel beams are used in various applications.

    Timber beams

Timbers beams are constructed with timers and have been used in the past. However, the use of such beams in the construction industry has been declining now.

    Composite Beams

Composite beams consist of two or more types of materials like steel and concrete.


Based on Cross-Section Shapes

The various cross-sectional shapes of beams are used and available in different parts of structures and constructions. These beams are made from reinforced concrete, steel and composite materials.

Reinforced concrete cross-sectional shapes include:

    Rectangular beam

The rectangular beams are widely used in the construction of different reinforced concrete structures and buildings.

    T-section beam

Such types of beams are constructed rigidly with a reinforced concrete slab mostly. Sometimes the T-beams are constructed to enhance the compression strength of the concrete.

    L-section beam


Such beams are also constructed rigidly with a reinforced concrete slab at the outside of the structure.

Steel cross-sectional shapes include:

These beams have various steel beam cross-sectional shapes. These cross-sectional shapes offer superior advantages in different conditions in comparison to other shapes.

Few examples of cross-sectional shapes constructed from steel are rectangular, square, I-shaped, circular, T-shaped, C-shaped and H-shaped.

    Straight beam

The beams with a straight profile are called straight beams and such beams are mostly used in construction.

    Curved beam

The curved profile beams used in the case of circular buildings are known as curved beams.

    Tapered beam

The beams that have tapered cross-sections are known as tapered beams.

    Statically Determinate Beam


For a statically determinate beam, equilibrium conditions alone can be used to solve reactions. Thus, the number of unknown reactions is equal to the number of equations.

    Statically indeterminate beam

For such beams, the equilibrium conditions are not enough to solve the reactions. So, therefore, analysing such beams is more complicated than analysing the statically determinate beams.

    Precast Concrete Beam

These beams are made in the factories. Therefore the construction conditions are in control in comparison to the on-site construction. Also, the quality of the concrete used would be greater.



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