What Are The Different Types Of Artificial Fishing Flies

by Sanjeev Y. SEO Consultant
When going fishing or fly fishing, artificial fishing flies always make an important part of your fishing tool bag. These are the artificial fly or fly lures that lure the fishes and get them hooked to your rod. These are a perfect replica or imitation of the real flies that attract the fishes as being their food source. These artificial fishing flies are made using artificial feathers, furs, leather, etc., on the hook. One can find all types of artificial fishing flies in the market to ensure their sport of fly fishing. Any artificial fishing flies exporter in Kenya can be contacted to buy the best quality fishing flies. The artificial fishing flies suppliers are also known to be designing artificial flies with best quality furs, feathers, etc., to resemble actual insects.

Dry Fishing Flies

Dry flies are made using a special type of material. Their phenomenon is that they are designed to be buoyant and float on the water. These types of flies do not dip into the water and land even softly on it. They are usually in the form of mature or adult terrestrial or aquatic insects. This type of flies is generally used by people who go fishing in freshwater.

Egg Fishing Flies
The eggs or sperms released by aquatic animals in the water are a great prey for the fishes in the water bodies. The egg fishing flies are an imitation of the spawn of the fishes, that are their eggs or sperms. These type of fishing flies can easily attract larger or target species.

Nymph Fishing Flies
There are many types of aquatic insects that have the capability to instantly attract fishes during fly fishing. The immature forms of the small crustaceans and aquatic insects are called nymphs. The nymph fishing flies are typically designed to resemble nymphs. This type of fishing flies are also used by people going for freshwater fishing.

Wet Fishing Flies
While the dry fishing flies are known for their buoyancy and property to stay afloat on water, wet fishing flies, as the name suggests, tend to sink inside. They can be designed to imitate the look of a number of aquatic and other insects like nymphs, larvae, drowned insects, pupa, baitfish, etc. These underwater preys represented through the wet flies work greatly in hooking the fishes that do not come on the surface. One can use these types of flies as well when doing fly fishing in freshwater.

Salmon Fishing Flies
These are those types of flies that are used for attracting and fishing of Atlantic salmon. These flies are the traditional type of fishing flies for attracting these salmons. These Solomon flies are usually seen being tied to the hook in a more contemporary or classic pattern.

Streamers Fishing Flies

A kind of bait fish or a typical kind of large aquatic prey that attract a number of fishes. These are the type of flies that are generally considered to be large in size than the regular fishing flies. One can easily use these flies in saltwater and fresh water bodies.

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