What are the different types of Antibiotic drugs and why are they used?

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Antibiotics either destroy the harmful bacteria causing infections in the human body or they help in stopping their reproduction. Generally, when harmful bacteria caused various infections and symptoms in a human body, the body's immune system destroys them. However, many times, when there are too many bacteria present that it exceeds the capability of the immunity system of the body, antibiotics are administered to destroy those bacteria.

Different types of antibiotics and their uses

In order to treat an infection by administering antibiotics, it is important to identify whether it is being caused by bacteria or viruses, as antibiotics can work only on bacteria, not on viruses. One can buy antibiotic drugs online or at various medical stores only against a prescription provided by a medical practitioner. Overuses or improper uses of antibiotics improves the immune system of bacteria against the antibiotics, and thus the antibiotics lose their effectiveness in treating infection caused by those bacteria. Some antibiotics can be used for the treatment of a wide range of infections, whereas there are other types of antibiotics which are effective against only a few bacteria.  In many cases, antibiotics might be administered with the intention of preventing any infection such as before different forms of surgeries.

Though one can buy cheap antibiotic drugs from a large number of antibiotics available at medical stores, however, they can be broadly classified into six following groups. Let us discuss them along with their uses.


These types of antibiotics are used various kind of skin infections, urinary tract infections, and chest infections.


They are mainly used for treating serious health conditions such as septicemia. They can rapidly breakdown inside the digestive system and hence are generally administered through injections. They can also be administered through the eye or ear drops for treating infection in those body parts. These antibiotics can cause some serious side effects such as damage to the kidney and loss of hearing.


There are extremely effective in treating various types of chest and lung infections. People who are allergic to penicillin or are infected by bacteria that have grown resistant to penicillin, this type of antibiotics can be used as alternate medications.


These are used for treating a wide range of infections including some serious forms of infections such as meningitis and septicemia.


They are effective in treating a wide range of infections; however, they are most commonly used for treating urinary tract infections and respiratory infections. One can buy these antibiotics online as well as at various medical stores against a doctor’s prescription.


They are commonly used to treat skin conditions such as acne and rosacea, but they can be effective in treating various other forms of infection as well.

Antibiotics can cause various types of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, upset stomach and prolonged uses of such medication can lead to serious fungal infections in the mouth or digestive tract. Besides, while consulting with their physician one should also inform them about any other forms of medications that they might be consuming, because antibiotics can have various interactions when consumed with other medicines.

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