What Are The Differences Between High Frequency and Low Frequency Solar Inverter?

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A solar inverter is a common inverter that uses energy from the sun that is solar energy. This type of inverter aids in changing the direct current into alternate current using solar power. DC is the power that flows in one direction in the circuit and helps in providing current when there is no electricity.

The solar inverter has two types including low frequency and high-power solar inverter. It is ideal to find a high-frequency solar inverter manufacturer but high-quality products. This is simple and can be used to run your household items and electrical appliances from fridges to televisions to mobile phone chargers. The solar inverter is an essential item for anyone without access to a mains power source, as they can easily provide a plentiful amount of electricity. Here you know about both inverters and its differences.

  • Low Frequency Solar Inverter
    Low frequency inverter got the name of low frequency because they use high-speed transistors for inverting the direct current to alternating current, but drive transistors at the same frequency as the AC sine wave output.

  • High-Frequency Solar Inverter
    High-frequency inverter drives the transistors at a high frequency closer to 50 kHz or higher. When delivering the same amount of power, low-frequency transformer outputs more power at each cycle, so it is required to work harder, resulting in larger and heavier transformer and package. They have a limit for running appliances with motors, engines, a special light, and TV.

Difference Between High Frequency and Low-Frequency Solar Inverter

  • The surge power of low-frequency inverter is 2 times more than a high-frequency solar inverter.

  • Stability: While high-frequency pure sine wave inverter is better than a modified power inverter for some appliances with the motor, but if for the pump, air condition, washing machine, etc. heavy load appliances, the high-frequency inverter can't handle them well.

  • And with strong stability, sensitive load ability, and family load ability so it is no problem to run the big motor and some heavy load appliances.

  • The efficiency of the high-frequency inverter is less than the high-frequency solar inverter.

High-frequency solar inverter is an important device in any solar power system. You can find a high-frequency solar inverter manufacturer to buy high-quality products. Because it is necessary for devices to change the DC output of the solar panels into AC.

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