What are the common types of cancer and their treatments?

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Cancer is characterised as a disease in which the cells multiply abnormally and damage body tissues. Depending upon the organ or the region of the body affected, cancer has been categorised into the following types:

·         Breast cancer

Breast cancer initiates with the presence of lumps in the lobules or ducts of the breasts. Early symptoms include pain, soreness, reddening or discharge other than breast milk from or around the nipple. The disease primarily affects women exceeding sixty years of age.

The treatment depends on the severity and the spread of the tumour. Before surgery, patients are usually given a combination of radiation and chemotherapy to shrink the size of the tumour.


·         Thyroid cancer

This category of cancer is very common among women and is caused as a result of cancerous outgrowths in the thyroid gland. During the early stages, no signs or symptoms are exhibited by the affected individual but as the disease advances, soreness and pain in the neck may be experienced by the patient. Papillary thyroid cancer is highly common among women and is caused due to the rapid multiplication of the follicular cells.

At-risk patients can undergo surgery and have their thyroid gland removed as a preventive measure. Cancer can recur and therefore, a cancer speciality hospital in Chandigarh recommends periodic follow up sessions to examine whether cancer has reappeared in the tissues present in the neck.


·         Lung cancer

Lung cancer involves the emergence of cancerous outgrowths in either or both the lungs. Lung cancer metastasises by spreading to the adjacent lymph nodes, thus affecting vital organs of the body. These cancerous outgrowths affect the ordinary functionality of the lungs and the symptoms to the disease include rust-coloured phlegm, frequent chest pains, shortness of breath and the presence of blood while coughing or spitting.

The doctor may recommend a few imaging tests such as a CT scan or an MRI to confirm the presence of lung cancer. Cases where cancer is restricted to a particular region, surgery may be advised by the best cancer hospital in Chandigarh. Follow-up radiation therapy sessions might be recommended to prevent the disease's recurrence.


·         Skin Cancer

The abnormal multiplication of the skin cells results in skin cancer among individuals. It may be caused due to extreme exposure to sunlight or as a result of other factors. Individuals can prevent skin cancer by limiting their exposure to ultraviolet rays. If you observe any suspicious developments on the skin (a waxy lump, brown scar or recurring scabbing sores) schedule an appointment with the best cancer hospital in Mohali to undertake a timely diagnosis.

Doctors can conduct a physical examination to analyse the extent of skin cancer. They may even send a piece of the infected skin to a laboratory for biopsy to diagnose the stage of cancer. Doctors can recommend freezing, excisional surgery (removal of the infected skin or tissue), curettage or cryotherapy as treatment options to the affected individual.

Based on the type of cancer, you can seek consultation for a thorough treatment at a private hospital in Mohali

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