What are the causes and Non-Surgical Treatments of Back and Neck Pain?

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Back and Neck are considered the most brittle parts of a human body. They are very prone to be affected by the slightest of wrong movement or posture. There are many patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain which has resulted in a difficulty for them to run, walk or lift. Over the last few years, the practice of advanced physical therapy (a medical process of preventing, treating and healing injuries) has been given a rapid escalation, since it has given many long-term physical benefits to those in need.


Back pain

Back pain although, varies from upper to lower back, but, a majority of people are affected by lower back pain. It is of two types viz., acute and chronic. There are so many possibilities of an acute or chronic back pain to take place. To understand or figure out whether you have chronic or acute, just observe whether the pain is sudden or has developed gradually.


The cases of a sudden strain or pull can be acute whereas, a gradual development of pain in chronic. There are many causes of back pain such as sudden strain on ligament or muscle, arthritis, Osteoporosis and so on.


Non-surgical Treatment


Non-surgical back and lower back pain treatment include –


·         Massage therapy – The manual massage therapy helps in relieving the muscle spasms. It also speeds up the blood flow.

·         Meditation – Meditation and a few Asanas of yoga (as directed by your doctor) can help the muscles to relax.

·         Acupuncture – Acupuncture is the process of penetrating thin needles in the skin for about an hour, in order to correct the body's life force.

·         Acupressure – Acupressure is the process of applying pressure onto the body to a patient using the fingers. 


There are many pain management clinics in Delhi providing these treatments.


Neck Pain

When there is inflammation, injury or any other abnormality caused to the neck, it can become stiff and extremely painful. Pain in the neck usually occurs by poor body postures and habits on a regular basis such as using a wrong pillow, using a mobile phone for too long, working on a desk without breaks, a severe case of an accident, Osteoporosis, Spinal stenosis, Spondylosis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc. If the pain lasts for more than a week, it is severe and needs immediate medical attention.  


There are many Post-Operative Rehabilitations in Delhi available for people who have gone through surgeries.


Non-Surgical Treatment


Some of the non-surgical Neck pain treatments in Delhi that are available include –


·         Therapeutic manual massage – Professionals who practice therapeutic massages use their hands and fingers to mobilize the soft tissues and revive the normal functional use.

·         Physical therapy – The physical therapy consists of a particular exercise plan (as directed by therapists) which helps in making the muscles of the neck strong.

·         Cold packs or Hot pads – Cold pads decrease the blood flow which helps in limiting inflammation while hot pads increase the blood flow which improves the range of motion. 


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